[meteorite-list] WG: Witnessed Falls and Hammers - warning, LONG.

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Date: Mon, 09 Mar 2009 18:30:28 +0100
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The same could be said about the meteorite "coins" that seems so
popular. I'm a meteorite collector and a coin collector but all I see is
a way to get big bucks for cheap material, close to a scam in my view.

... but that is of course my view and my view only.
Feel free to buy expensive meteorite "coins" with all of your hard
earned cash, I will get my true meteorites cheaper with less competition.



Martin Altmann wrote:
> Hmm,
> honestly I never was aware the last decades that this category "hammer" had
> any meaning or importance.
> Of course Peekskill car, was a curiosity like Claxton. But people were
> buying Barwell, cause it was Barwell and Mbale, cause it was Mbale and it
> was only a funny side note, that a pea hit the head of a boy and
> Kunashak...but Kunashak virtually nobody was buying :-)
> Also in the classical meteorite books you won't find any category: hammers.
> So I'm astonished about that hype and that collectors suddenly since 2-3
> years are paying triple to tenfold prices for the same falls than all the
> decades before.
> Walter, Walter, what have you done :-)
> Best!
> Martin
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> I think to be considered a hammer the meteorite needs to hit a human-made
> structure, like a building or car. Seems to me that many have taken the term
> and bastardized it to the point where it has lost its true meaning and
> interest (at least to me).
> Matt
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