[meteorite-list] Witnessed Falls and Hammers and Extrordinary Claims

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Oh yes I did forget humans, animals, bugs and microbial life forms. Also if one wants to say a hammer is one that hits a road, then why not count every farmer's field as well? Most are composed of fill material.

Trees and plants shouldn't be included either and I own the La Criolla that whacked the orange tree. But it would be nice to add 50 percent to the value....hmm...
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> I think to be considered a hammer the meteorite needs to hit
> a human-made structure, like a building or car. Seems to me
> that many have taken the term and bastardized it to the
> point where it has lost its true meaning and interest
You forgot humans-proper , Matt

Yeppers sounds like a bunch of politicians trying to make it fit the category by exploiting every last stretched scrap of obscure "pseudo-logic".

--just like every 3rd stone mentioned is "oriented" and just like EVERY rusty ancient Campo, Canyon Diablo and W4 NWA has fusion crust...yeppers I ought'a write a book..

What became of the work to adopt an "orientation" scale?


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