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I forsee a cottage industry for Hopper Hair(tm). Have a vet shave 'im down
http://www.flickr.com/photos/jstar/175875277/sizes/o/ and package some hairs
with any West sold. Hey, if it makes sense for pieces of safety glass and
pieces of vinyl siding...


Texas Dog Finds Rock From Outer Space

From the wrong side of the tracks, this canine has earned a celestial pardon.

Hillsboro, OR - March 11, 2009 Meteorites For Sale -- As meteorite hunters from
around the world descended upon the small rural town of West, Texas to compete
for rights to search land after the February 15th fireball over Austin , it
seems a local pooch also got in on the action.

Hopper, a stray boarder collie, had recently settled in West at the home of
Pauline Alligood and Mitch Bynum, much to their chagrin. No one knew where she
came from or why she settled there but what they did know was that Hopper was
headed for trouble. From chasing cars to stealing property and messing up the
neighbor's yards, Hopper had worn out her welcome. ?I made plans to get the dog
gone on Thursday noon.? Bynum said, ?Luckily they fell through. The next day the
call came

The call was from meteorite hunter Ruben Garcia who was seeking permission to
hunt the land behind the Alligood/Bynum home when his hunting companion, Sonny
Clary saw a two ounce meteorite sitting on the porch. With a little work they
reached Alligood by phone at the car dealership where she works. ?Did you know
you have a meteorite on your porch?? said Garcia. ?You mean the rock that Hopper
found? replied Alligood.

?Ruben found the meteorite on the porch and the rest is history? Pauline

In the end the stone was purchased by Portland, Oregon collector Rob Wesel who
runs a website named after a dog reportedly struck by a meteorite in 1911. ?To
own a meteorite recovered by a dog
well it doesn't get much better than that."
said Wesel. "This is without a doubt the most famous stone of the West, Texas
meteorite fall and Hopper has a place in the history books.? Wesel, who searched
several days alongside Hopper in the field added ?Hopper has become a mascot for
this fall. She's the first dog in history to ever recover a meteorite!?

Inquiries have been made from around the U.S. into purchasing Hopper but for now
she is not for sale according to Alligood. As for her commission for the find,
Hopper received a steak dinner
and a new lease on life.
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