[meteorite-list] Stolen Canyon Diablo Meteorite To Be

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Date: Wed, 11 Mar 2009 19:12:40 -0700
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What a great story, Eric!
I hope to see this beauty at Meteor Crater in June,
as a day trip from the Grand Canyon Star Party.
Welcome back to the Ring/Basket Meteorite!
Linton Rohr

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> I found article this in my email box this morning...
> "..This story begins not in a galaxy far away, but at a Milwaukee
> rummage sale a few years ago. Tom Lynch paid $10 for an odd hunk of
> metal he figured might be copper or bronze with potential salvage value.
> He had no idea it had dropped from space into the Arizona desert some
> 50,000 years ago.
> "For the last two years, it kept my grandson's basketball hoop from
> blowing over in the yard. It weighs 50 pounds," said Lynch, a retired
> foundry and General Motors worker who lives in South Milwaukee.
> Recently, he saw a show about meteorites on the Travel Channel and
> realized that's probably what he had. It was curious, he thought, that
> the thing never oxidized in the weather. Following advice from the TV
> show, he held a magnet up to the object and it stuck.
> He took his 4.6 billion-year-old find to the Milwaukee Public Museum and
> then to Chicago's Field Museum last month. The scientists got excited.
> Yes, they said, it's a meteorite.."
> http://www.jsonline.com/news/milwaukee/41069052.html
> Wow! Now that's a cool looking meteorite.
> Does anyone on-list remember this piece?
> Regards,
> Eric Wichman
> Meteorites USA
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