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Over the last few months we've all witnessed, read about, and/or seen
videos, articles, and new reports about all the meteorite news happening
all over the world. I'd like to concentrate on the USA for a second
though. Has anyone noticed the coincidences in the falls, fireballs,
names and locations of the most recent meteor and meteorite activity in
the United States?

For Example:
West, Texas - FALL - L6 Chondrite (Witnessed Fall; newest recovered fall
in the world) First piece found near Cottonwood Rd
West, Texas meteorite - Many pieces were found in Cotton fields... ;)
Westchester, NY - Fireball Sighting - There is a Cottonwood Rd very
close to the radar image of this event. (within a few miles)
Cottonwood, CA - Unidentified object from sky destroys car in Cottonwood, CA
Meteor Crater - Within 100 miles of Cottonwood, AZ

If you do a search on Google for Cottonwood meteorite you'll of course
find the Cottonwood H5 meteorite.

And recently, a fireball report was filed on my site stating and I quote
"..I heard the loadest bang on my roof and immediately a small branch
from a cottonwood tree high overhead landed on my windshield..." (Of
course this is not a meteorite, but a falling branch. Nonetheless the
coincidences are uncanny... ;) A cottonwood tree? I mean come on, what
are the chances? lol

I say everyone in the USA who's interested in witnessing meteor
fireballs and finding meteorites should grab their camera equipment and
meteorite stick and stakeout any road, highway, tree, city, town,
village, church or any other public or private building or landmark with
the name Cottonwood.

According to the data, the chances are good that you might just witness
a new meteorite fall!

Silly? You decide...

lol ;)

Eric Wichman
Meteorites USA

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