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Wow, you've got it bad!!! Just kidding Bill. It was great to meet you too and a pleasure to add you and your find to my Quartzite video. You are just the kind of guy we like on this forum: excited, polite and articulate!

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> Subject: [meteorite-list] I'm so happy! My 1st Post
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> Date: Sunday, March 15, 2009, 8:18 AM
> Hello to all,
> I've tried to post on here over a
> year ago and
> couldn't get any thru. Thanks Steve Dunklee for the
> advice. My problem
> was different, but you inspired me to work on it again.
> gmail has a
> tab you must click to send messages as plain text.
> OK METEORITES. I probably got the bug the same way many of
> you did,
> watching a show with Robert Haag searching for the Tucson
> Meteorite.
> This was many years ago, and thanks a lot Robert if you
> read this. I
> hope your HAPPY! You've created a brand new Addiction
> all on your own!
> Soon after this I purchased O Richard Nortons book Rocks
> From Space.
> Great book, but guess what! I found out I lived only 5
> miles from
> Richard and Dorthy Norton!. I found myself soon sitting at
> the kitchen
> table looking at thin sections with Richard, and learning
> all about
> chondrules, etc. What a treat!! He told me all about the
> field of
> meteoritics, and this pushed me over the edge. I have a
> serious
> problem when it comes to meteorites. I'm a bit of a
> freak I
> suppose,... I take meteorites with me wherever I go, I buy
> meteorites
> for less than their worth, more than their worth, give them
> to
> strangers, and pass them out at star parties to the
> children. I
> constantly think about all the different ways to include
> them in my
> life, process them, preserve them, make things from them,
> hunting for
> them, e-bay etc. Its a wonder I get anything done at all!
> Took a trip to Florida in 2003, went to Kennedy Space
> Center, and
> purchased my 1st meteorite. About 40 grams on Nantan crust
> for only
> $40!! How funny! I was ( and still am ) so happy to have
> my Nantan
> crust rust. ( No I don't want to buy any more _at_ $1
> gram, but thanks )
> I did go back in 2004 and buy another piece however.
> Oct, 2007 found me heading to Arizona, (I live in Bend
> Oregon) what a
> ride! I spent 4 month there hunting meteorites, and
> purchasing
> whenever possible. Made my 1st trip to meteor crater, UN
> believable
> experience! Met all the guys from Morocco, and purchased
> several
> kilo's NWA, a few kilos here a few kilos there. Spent
> most of my time
> in Quartzsite working (I have a mobile RV service business)
> and
> playing. In quartzsite I met a guy who many of you know
> I'm sure who
> brings us the Campo's. I spent nearly every spare
> moment working on,
> and discussing meteorite hunting, preservation, future
> searches for
> the Esquel Palllasite etc. and a BBQ almost every night.
> Ended up with
> Campo's running out my ears! Then my new friend had to
> go to
> Tucson,... how sad.... I had to stay and work. Well he
> called me
> several times from there, and made several nice purchases
> for me, some
> of these were purchased from list members.
> #1 I got the nice big Brenham slice, with the L.A. Times
> newspaper,
> thanks Steve Arnold, I love it!
> #2 I got a big 12 kilo complete oriented chondrite, I think
> it came
> from Mohammad, but not sure
> #3 I got a 1 kilo Seymchan, and small 40 gram slice from
> one of you guys.
> and several other smaller pieces, thanks everyone.
> I vowed to make it to Tucson in 2009. I kept that
> vow.......WOW!
> Even before I went, I had the pleasure to meet Ruben in
> Quartzsite,
> and be in one of his videos. Oh yea! I forgot, I found a 40
> plus gram
> chondrite in the Quartzsite area. My 1st find, I GPS the
> coordinates,
> and photo in situ, etc. My friend Mark and I had walked for
> a hundred
> miles before we found it. How cool it was....and Ruben
> videoed it with
> his new HD camera, and stuck it on You Tube. SO COOL,
> thanks Ruben!
> Then Tucson: Oh boy......the post is getting long, sorry so
> exited to
> post.....be calm, breath.......OK 1st stop, the Ramada, and
> got 8 kilo
> chondrites from a nice boy from Morocco for REALLY cheap!
> then to the
> Days Inn and found my Campo connection, visited a bit, then
> Steve
> Arnold walked up and I got to meet him! Almost peed my
> pants! Then got
> oriented, found a place to park for the day, and headed to
> Inn Suites.
> Here I met Marvin Kilgore, ( again nearly peed)
> what a nice
> guy! purchased his book, and talked meteorites for an hour
> or so, met
> his nice wife Kitty and got some pictures. thanks Marvin
> and Kitty.
> Then met Bruno Fectay and Corine Bidaut, SUPER nice people.
> Checked
> out their Mars rock Chassignite, nice......and took their
> picture!
> Thanks. Then found Mike Farmers booth, WOW how cool is
> that! What a
> display! The work involved just setting up these rooms must
> take days.
> There were a ton of people in the room, but Mike went out
> of his way
> to help me, and was REALLY nice to me. Thanks Mike. Then
> found the
> Steve Arnold, Geoff Nottkin Room and met Steve again. I got
> a picture
> of me and Steve holding up a big Brenham. NICE. Thanks
> Steve.
> Well, before it was over I ended up at the Harvey Awards,
> and birthday
> party, and met too many more cool people to list. Even got
> Rober Haags
> picture, (poor guy was being pestered to death, so I
> didn't meet him,
> last I saw he was running for the back door exclaiming
> "holy shit!").
> Had a great time, and met tons of great people, and went
> home with
> many more kilos of meteorite. Special thanks to Carl from
> South Africa
> for the Gibeon deal.
> I skipped the Auction, tucked tail and went back to
> Quartzsite, packed
> my stuff and prepared to head home, and WEST happened. But
> that's a
> different story!
> So happy to finally be able to post, Promise to never break
> the rules
> on purpose, wont spam or be mean, and will help this be a
> positive,
> productive, enjoyable, learning experience.
> Have
> a great day,
> Bill Hall
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