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Date: Sun, 15 Mar 2009 16:11:10 -0700
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G'Day Aubrey and List
First off, I have been down all week due to a PC crash last weekend and
finally back up and running again. I'm blaming the whole situation on my
comments about the "H word", must have been a bad omen. I'll keep my mouth
shut now and let those that are more intelligent than I am take the podium.

Aubrey, very nice site and a welcomed breath of fresh air. Keep up the
great work. I think this is an area that is neglected, possibly because it
does not fall into the category of meteorite, which this list is intended
for. But I feel it's worthy of discussion and hope others will offer up
their thoughts.


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>> Hi
>> I just read Bill's post about Plain Text. So this is how you post to
>> the Meteorite List! I gave up trying to post ages ago as my posts
>> never got through! I thought it was because I didn't live in America!
>> Whats New? http://www.tektites.co.uk/whats-new.html
>> Recently I've written about the largest tektites in the world (I need
>> you help!), about Vietnam tektites and done some You Tube videos - my
>> first attempt!
>> Also check out my Indochinite and Philippinite formation pages!
>> http://www.tektites.co.uk/indochinites.html and
>> http://www.tektites.co.uk/philippinites.html
>> Loads of other tektite pages too!
>> Also I apologise in advance about any delay in replies. I'm in the
>> Persian Gulf on a satellite connection.
>> Thanks, Aubrey Whymark
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