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From: Michael Bross <element33_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Mon, 16 Mar 2009 20:21:25 +0100
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No Darren, although interesting.
It confirms that some individuals are better at dowsing than others... (see
This post is not enough related to Meteorites... so maybe we should continue
off list.

"My" study was from Yves Rocard, one of the fathers of the French A bomb
after WW2.

There is absolutely nothing "supernatural" to it.
I am also a scientist, but don't reject everything that our modern science
has too
often a tendency to classify as charlatanism mainly because of its inability
to "prove"
 it/them TODAY !. (unfortunately, there are too many charlatans in those
fields, obscuring
 the real search for truth)

I read that article 25 years ago. Will try to find it. It was published in a
most serious
special edition from "Le Canard Enchaine", a reference in France, across the
Yves Rocard was simply saying that each and every human has an infinite
amount of magnetite ?
(can't remember) or something alike at both our wrists.
This amount varies greatly between individuals, resulting in better
capabilities for some
to find water sources etc...
When using a rod, especially hazelnut, an arch is produced with an intensity
related to the amount
or depth of the water.

I worked 2 years in Nepal (1985-87) on an agricultural project.
An eye opening experience about empiric knowledge for a freshly graduated
Agronomist I was!
I could talk about several examples, not scientifically proven yet but
Like suffering from a strong hepatitis there, loosing more than 10 lbs in 5
glowing fluorescent yellow... and being cured in 3 days with a mix of 56
herbs... while in US
or France at that time, you could only spend a couple of months to be cured.
The doctor from the French Embassy gave me the contact to the "healer"...

Like some "grandmas recipes" neglected or mocked because not proven.
Last year, a scientific study finally proved the famous "chicken (actually
hen...) soup" properties.

How many people know that Newton (and many other famous scientists) did
serious alchemical
studies and writings in "secrecy", to not tarnish their reputation... ?

If I do get my "reputation" tarnished with some on this list with this
post... well, that's ok :)
But I also know that by using an old alchemical writing from the 13th
century a major researcher
in Europe allowed companies to make major steps in arsenic cleanup in soils
etc... reducing the cost
ten folds, although contradictory to modern science findings.

A bientot !
Michael B, France

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>>not much known study about water dowsing.
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