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From: teddy applebaum <tiapplebaum_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Tue, 17 Mar 2009 18:02:00 -0400
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A lot more of West has been recovered since I last posted find totals
over a week ago, and this list isn?t even complete. A number of
hunters are planning more trips, or may even still be out there. Some,
like Mike Farmer say they will post their revised totals when they are
done collecting, so we can expect these numbers to change. That said,
these numbers should give a better idea of how much West has been
collected; and it?s quite a lot more then originally projected. I have
reordered the numbers from highest weight totals to lowest. Enjoy.

1. Steve Arnold: 69 stones, total: 2362g
2. Micheal Farmer: 26 stones, total: 2066.92g
3. Unknown owner: 1 stone, total: 1700g
4. Robert Woolard: and son 7 stones, total: 407 grams
5. Mike Miller: 8 stones totaling: 365g (212g)
6. MexicoDoug, Dima and Rob's group: 16 stones, total: 360g
7. Micheal Cottingham: 18 stones, total: 286g
8. Greg Hupe: 12 stone total: 268g (50g)
9. Rob Wesel: 9 stones, total: 255 g
10. Dave Gheesling 2 stones, total: 255g (104.9g, 150.1g)
11. Ruben Garcia: 15 stones? total: 197g (12.6g)
12. Geoff Notkin: 13 stones total: 116.8 (18.8g,)
13. Bob Haag: 4 stones, total:89g
14. 14. Del Waterbury: 5 stones totaling: 75.3g (8g, 5,6g, 5.2g, 5.5g, 51g,)
15. Mike Bandli: 6 stones, total: 53.715g
16. John Sinclair: 4 stones, total: 43.91g (5.77g, 9.84g, 13.55g, 14.75g
17. Greg Stanley: 1 stone, total: 42g
18. James Phillips: 4 stones, total: 36.3
19. Art Ehlmann: 1 stone (not his?) total: 35g
20. Friend of Woolard: 1 stone, total: 31.7g
21. Matt Morgan: 2 stones, total: 22.5 (11.5g, 11g)
22. Ron DiIulio and Co.:2 stones, total: 20.3g (13.6, 6.7)
23. Mike Morgan: 1 stone total: 13g
24. Eric Wichman: 1 stone, total: 6.7 grams
25. Jim Baxter: 1 stone from Mike Farmer, total: 5.9g
26. Lesa Lambert and Steve Dunklee 1 stone, total: 0.45g
27. Patrick Thompson: 15 stones total: unknown
28. Keith and Dana Jenkerson: 4 stones, total: unknown

Totals: 230 stones with known weights = 9114.495g + at least 19 other
known stones lacking weights + unknown numbers from these hunters:

Jim Schade
Sonny Clary
Shauna Russel
Robert Ward
Gary Curtiss
Derek Bower

Totals: 230 stones with known weights = 9114.495g, averaging out to
39.6g per stone.

However, that average is inflated by 2 stones weighing 1.7 and
1.5kilos. The average excluding those stones is 25.9g per stone.

On a personal note, a few people have publicly wondered why I am
helping collect this data. I am a 22-years-old student/journalist
currently living in RI with a passion for meteorites and a growing
fixation on the idea of hunting for them. If I could have afforded to
be go to Texas I would have dropped everything to hunt the West fall.
However, I am currently poor and therefore decided I would do what I
could to help from home instead. I noticed that a number of list
members were asking for aggregated data on the West fall and thought I
could step up and help fill that void. There is no ulterior motive for
this, just an interest in helping where I can. Clearly I have no
expertise to offer, just a knack for research and little spare time.
Hope that clears things up. I will post again when more data comes in.
Cheers ? Teddy A
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