[meteorite-list] Dam Hammer

From: Michael Farmer <meteoriteguy_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Wed, 18 Mar 2009 11:16:04 -0700 (PDT)
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Yes, I saw that the email was mostly a joke, and congrats on the stone.

But we must get this under control. A pile of dirt is nothing more than a pile of dirt. Carl seems to think that anything touched by man would make a meteorite a "hammer stone". This is a crock of crap, and while I ignored this discussion a couple of weeks ago, I can not sit back and watch my business go down the drain by trying to lump every stone as a hammer. I know of one hammer in West, a 124 gram stone hit a house, bounced off and landed in the yard. The homeowner picked it up and the stone has shingles embedded in it. I am still trying to buy the stone, but the owner has money and really has no interest in selling it. That is a hammer stone. It is the only hammer stone I know of from West, that is definitive.

We can not allow people to continue to demean meteorites by attempting to say that dirt roads and driveways make hammer stones.
Smash a car, computer printer, rooftop, or cow and you have a hammer.
An earthen dam while yes, scraped by man, is still just dirt. No damage could be done to it. A stone landing in the dirt 20 feet away but not on the dam is no different that a stone on the dam.

Michael Farmer

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> Um, I hope this is a joke, as far as calling it a
> hammer.?
> .
> Mike and all,
> While I will leave the interpretation of? "hammer" up
> to the beholder, the
> post was indeed more of a joke, or double? entendre
> .? But it did hit the dam.?
> And my "congrats" going out to my? wife was not a
> joke, that was sincere.
> I am NOT asking a premium on this? rock above any of
> the others I am selling,
> just because it hit the dam.???
> Although since it was found AFTER the heavy rains, I am
> actually? discounting
> it below what I would be selling it for if it was picked up
> earlier,? as I am
> with all the Post-rain recovery specimens.?
> Steve
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