[meteorite-list] AD: Large Full Slices of 1, 673g West Specimen Available Now

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Date: Fri, 20 Mar 2009 00:39:18 EDT
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Hello List,

I am excited to offer the first large full slices of my 1,673g West, Texas
specimen. Again, this stone was recovered (rescued) the day before the
monsoon rains hit the strewnfield this last week.

These slices were expertly cut by Marlin Cilz at the Montana Meteorite Lab
with one of their wire saws. With many years of experience cutting
meteorites, Marlin made some stellar slices.

Due to the very fragile fusion crust, none of the slices preserved 100% of
the crust unbroken all the way around. Possibly, if the slices were thicker,
we would have had slightly better results, but due to the desire to keep
these slices as thin as possible, the slices endured some "chipping" of the crust
as the wire saw went through it.

Nonetheless, these are amazing looking slices. The brecciation is very
pronounced in these slices. Each full slice has a zone of light material, that
stands in strong contrast to the zones with strong veining.

With the end results of the two other known 1.5kg and 1.7kg masses still in
question (whether they will be cut or not), it is possible that this might be
the only chance for collectors to get a large full slice of this very
popular fall. If the another piece is found, or if one of the other two known
larger masses would be cut, it is a crap shoot on what their interiors will look
like (heavily brecciated to not at all brecciated). Also, any rock that
could be found after the strong rains, from this last week, has a much greater
chance of severe rusting on the interior.

On a side note, Marlin kept commenting on how these West specimen slices
look EXACTLY like Peekskill. And he should know as he cut most of the Peekskill
back in the day.

With the end pieces, and the saw losses from the cutting, there will be less
than 1kg of full slices that could make it to market from this mass. I
chose to have this specimen cut to generate more slices, yet smaller in size,
rather than fewer slices that would have been larger in size and weight (and
price). This will allow more institutions and collectors to obtain a full slice
for their collections, and at lower overall prices.

While the mass is still being sliced from, Marlin told me that the 78.1g
full slice offered here today will be the largest slice from this mass.

While I would like to make as much profit as possible from the sales, I am
pricing these to sell quickly. While I think these are worth more than what I
am selling them for, I also understand some people will be hesitant to pay
too much for a slice now, fearing more slices might show up later at a lower
price. But even if another rain-avoided mass shows up in slices, I seriously
doubt they will be offered much lower in price than what I am offering these

NOTICE: If these first 8 slices sell out too fast, I reserve the right to
raise the prices on the next batch of slices that come from the saw in the
next few days. Also, this price is NOT for part slices or smaller full slices I
have made from other smaller specimens. These prices are only for the first
8 full slices of the 1,673g Mass.

Contact me off list if you would like more information on what is available.

Also, if you are possibly interested a part slice from this mass, let me
know as well.

Steve Arnold

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