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Date: Sat, 21 Mar 2009 13:59:00 -0700
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Dear Listees:

Greetings all, from sunny old Tucson.

As if I needed anything extra to do after nearly three weeks in the
Tucson showroom, then straight off to West, Texas, I rocketed off to
California on a business trip and after that, well, there was other
stuff to deal with. But I don't have to tell those of you who are
entrepreneurs and own your own businesses what that is all about.

So, eventually, after much sorting, editing, and consideration, we
have finally been through every one of our West, Texas meteorite hunt
adventure shots, and compiled a photo journal of our favorites. That
was some task considering we shot almost 900 pictures.

Most of you probably don't know my good friend and fellow Tucsonan
Suzanne Morrison. She's a modest person and wouldn't tell you that
when we met ten years back, she was already an accomplished meteorite
hunter. She hunted with Steve Schoner years ago and was great friends
with Jim Kriegh. Those who know her well occasionally use her
nickname, which is "The Queen of Holbrook."

Some years ago Suzanne moved on to other things and hadn't been in the
field for ages, but when I mentioned to her that I was headed to West,
she immediately said, "I'm going with you." Well, she came back with a
vengeance. While hunting with our pal Sonny, she made a remarkable
find that put most of the rest of us to shame : )

You can see what Suzanne discovered and all our other assorted
favorite pictures, arranged chronologically, in an exclusive photo
journal here:


Photos are by Suzanne Morrison, Steve Arnold, Mike Bandli, Mike
Miller, Leigh Anne DelRay and myself.

I know I've mentioned this before, but I have to give a special shout
out to Mike Bandli -- one of the nicest, most enthusiastic guys you'll
ever meet -- and Patrick Thompson -- who is an incredibly funny and
entertaining comrade -- both of whom found their first ever meteorites
while hunting with us. Patrick went on to find one more than me, which
means he is on detention during the gem show next year. Also, kudos to
Jim Schwade -- really the only respectable member of our team : ) --
who put in long days from sunup to sunset and was every bit as
sprightly and energetic as guys half his age. He made some nice finds
too. And what about that Steve Arnold? 69 meteorites, holy cow! We are
placing a serious handicap on him during future hunts.

It was a privilege to go out adventuring with so many great people,
and especially to see John Sinclair back in the field with us. Last
time I hunted with John was all the way back in Park Forest. Amazing
and memorable though Park Forest was, West was even better.

Finally, I want to add my thanks to those of you who complimented
Michael Johnson for running his online reporting of the West hunt on
RFSPOD, and hats off to everyone who flew, drove or walked to McLennan
County to be part of the chase. That was some adventure.

With best wishes to all of you, around the world,

Geoff N.
Tucson, AZ

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