[meteorite-list] Witnessed Falls and Hammers and Extrordinary Claims

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Date: Sun, 22 Mar 2009 23:15:11 -0700 (PDT)
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hi guys,
just a short? note to ask the proper question ,regarding? this matter,

1= we are 7 billions?homosapiens in the planet and there is more than 80 to more billions?other Faun and Flore in the same planet,
the probabilities that a meteorite or many meteorite from a fall to hit a human is equal to the one to hit? an animal or something else,
2= the probabilities that a fall happen in nwa or Antarctica or arctic is more bigger than anywhere else in the world,
3= if you see the falls that happened in nwa ; cherghach is not far from bassi not far from zag not far from oumdreiga not far from elhammami not far from ben sour, the same corner,tale a mape.
4=many collector say it's because of the magnetism of the region , ok than why tichka and benguerir,

you do not think that it's so complicated to understand ,and it's too easy to fill confident for probabilities ,
why not a giant meteorite doesn't hit earth in anytime, like the one in Jurassic time,
?than a? question come to mind,
the moon and mars are full of craters and? if they have photo of the other planet they will find crater ,they are there to protect earth.
the Galaxy is made to protect earth , the sun to heat earth and the others planets? ?to protect earth from old and future impact, and also there is an equilibrium equation of magnetism of the Galaxy.
the planet earth is the good place in space and time in all dimensions,?is it were a?millions mile more and it will be to cold for us or too hot, than we are not there.
we are a planet inside deep space billions of galaxies and asteroid like billions,
anytime an asteroid coud make it to earth there is billions of possibilities,

you can be driving or walking and a meteorite? hit you,
no mathematics law can protect us from that..
than we come to an absolute demonstration that , there is a power that manage the galaxies and the planet ,
and all this is made to make earth a good place for human,
than?allah our god?is there that's so simple and easy to understand.

there is many question and this matter of hammer definitions i just found caduc..
that's so easy to call a meteorite a hammer when they are all hammers ,

the beauty of all this dream is that we are collecting? ET'S? from outer space,? and they are telling us the story of other planet?. many unclassified meteorite are just classified as ungrouped ;and we will have more ungrouped meteorite so far ,before NASA send a rovers that could studies others planet environment,
why we do not say that we can't understand the deep space, and it's too complicated for us,

thanks for reading
aziz habibi

?habibi aziz
box 70 erfoud 52200 morroco
phone. 21235576145

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