[meteorite-list] Fusion Crusted "Meteoroids"

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Date: Wed, 25 Mar 2009 13:49:50 EDT
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I have thought what causes a fusion crust, but to be brief, I didn't explain
the obvious process of entry into an atmosphere and back out. To me, this
"skipping out" of the atmosphere is a relatively rare event. Most of anything
that enters the atmosphere in the first place burns up in the process. Of the
total entries, few actually reaches the ground, yet alone make it back out
into space for an eventual another go at it.

eric>>Think of what causes fusion crust...<<

GeoZay at aol.com wrote:
>>> How many beautifully black and fully fusion crusted meteoroids and
> asteroids are floating around out there in space?<<
> My guess is that there may be a lot of black meteoroids floating around
> space, but very few that are fusion crusted. To be fusion crusted, I
> imagine there would be the need of some high temperatures to make this
> so...otherwise just black and crusted perhaps.
> geozay

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