[meteorite-list] Excessively Large Reward a bad precedent.

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Date: Fri, 27 Mar 2009 10:36:21 -0700
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My opinion is that it should not be publicized except through private
channels, email, fax, and maybe local fliers. Or if you publish
something in the paper or on local TV channels simply use the word
REWARD! with no $ amount attached to it. It's all about marketing image
and I understand that a $10K reward might be very enticing to those
honest folks out there or the greedy people that just want the money but...

Has anyone ever thought of the repercussions if people start getting the
idea that ALL meteorite hunters have money?! This could pose a safety
risk for hunters in the field. Not all hunters have $10K to drop on a
kilo of freshly fallen meteorites but if we continue to advertise tens
of thousands of dollars for meteorites then people might get the wrong
idea. Not too mention the other issue of landowners thinking they're not
getting a fair price.

I agree with McCartney that there needs to be some sort of gentleman's
agreement, not for the reward amount but that there not be a dollar
amount posted at all. REWARD FOR METEORITES! is a sufficient phrase for
use in the lead generation and helps in the protection of hunters and
market prices of meteorite. It will minimize the pissed off landowners
that think they might be taken advantage of, and will help preserve the
value of the meteorites by not artificially inflating the price.

Just my opinion...

Eric Wichman
Meteorites USA

McCartney Taylor wrote:
> A $5,000/kg or $10,000/kg reward for the first kg may be appropriate for
> most some falls. But quickly the newspapers will drop the 'first kg'
> part and spread the value at $10/g. There will also be unit errs and
> report the value at $10,000/lb.
> $20,000/kg is ludicrous.
> I think we, as a community, should make some kind of gentleman's
> agreement with the highest reward that should be offered. Quickly, a
> point will be reached that will be counter-productive.
> http://www.wjbf.com/jbf/news/state_regional/georgia/article/meteorite_hunters_closing_in_on_georgia_fireball_reward_upped_to_20000/12165/
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