[meteorite-list] Excessively Large Reward a bad precedent.

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Date: Fri, 27 Mar 2009 14:32:35 EDT
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>>I agree with McCartney that there needs to be some sort of gentleman's
agreement, not for the reward amount but that there not be a dollar
amount posted at all. REWARD FOR METEORITES! is a sufficient phrase for
use in the lead generation and helps in the protection of hunters and
market prices of meteorite. It will minimize the pissed off landowners
that think they might be taken advantage of, and will help preserve the
value of the meteorites by not artificially inflating the price.<<

I don't think any limits on offered rewards should be done. First of
all...there's this thing called "Supply and Demand". If there's just a few large
meteorites to be found, then make the offer. Its probably worth a big reward.
Offering anything less, the landowner is probably being taken advantage of.
There are two sides to this fence...the meteorite hunter and the landowner. Each
side wants to make a killing and neither wants to be had. Most people on
this list are probably looking at it from one side of the fence.

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