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> On Sun, 29 Mar 2009 23:46:32 +0200, you wrote:
> >real.....this is not humor, its only insult persons. Here
> in >Italy a " person " type proud tom it has not had a
> long >life, it would been taken a nice denounces for libel
> >
> Matteo, "Proud Tom" is a little before my time, so I have
> only the vaguest idea of what this "humor" is-- but there
> have been lots of cases in the US, too, of people suing
> for libel over things posted on the internet. Here in the
> US, somebody can sue just about anyone for just about
> anything-- they may not WIN that law suit, but they can
> still file it, and cause the person a heap of emotional
> and finincial harm defending themselves. For instance, if
> someone concidered something said by "Proud Tom" about
> them (I think I get the idea that "Proud Tom" parodies
> list members) then that person can sue Michael Blood in an
> attempt to get the name of "Proud Tom." They might not
> WIN that lawsuit and make him be required to turn over the
> name, but he would still have the hassle and expense of
> hiring defense lawyers and showing up in court. And if
> they DID win the lawsuit and get "Proud Tom's" identity
> and sue him, the courts might decide that the parodies are
> protected speech and thus not libel, or they might find
> that it is harmful defamation. Either way, again, "Proud
> Tom" would have the expense and hassle of defending
> himself.
> See recent news related to the issue:
> Oh, yeah, IANAL.

I ensure you here in Italy it has had short life


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