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No. It is open to collecting (persumably minerals) but all vehicles are now
legally prohibited from driving on the dry lake. Don't know whether you
would be chased off or whether it is being patrolled, but if you attempt an
overnight camp be aware of flash floods (even in July and August) or you
could be swimming when you awake in the morning. Parts of the dry lake
become very wet, even become rather sizeable lakes. This is a catch basin
for the adjacent desert area. See my link above.

Ron Hartman

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> Okay...I'm trying to find out some info about Lucerne Dry Lake in
> Southern
> California near Barstow. Can anyone tell me if you are allowed to or able
> to drive a camping trailer onto the dry lake for camping purposes? Also
> do
> people pitch tents there without getting chased off. I'm not all that
> familiar with that area and trying to get a feel for things before making
> any
> decisions. Thanks.
> George Zay
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