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He posted many of his finds on the skyrock cafe also, he sees fossilized food and all kinds of other stuff in his finds, a little crazy if you ask me.
Joe Kerchner

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This nutjob posts on various astronomy forums. He thinks every rock imaged on Mars is a fossilized liver or brain, and that meteorites are full of fossilized bacteria. The guy is so extreme that mental illness is the only likely excuse. There's nothing to be embarrassed about- nobody that matters is likely to take him seriously. (I already saw a response in one forum, pointing out that your image did not show a housefly in a meteorite; where I saw this posting I also saw a link to your site, so anybody can go there and see that for themselves. In fact, you should think of this as free advertising- I found the claim so extraordinary that I followed the link and say your excellent page, which I might otherwise have missed <g>.)


Chris L Peterson
Cloudbait Observatory

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> Hi list. Some of you have pointed out the eBay seller claiming to have
> human blood vessels in Martian meteorites. Cute and harmless nut?
> I just stumbled onto this!
> http://www.ireport.com/docs/DOC-426479
> A housefly found in a meteorite
> March 30, 2010 | Taiwan | Vetting explained
> This "report" is not he first time this guy has used my images and my name
> to make insane claims. But this is the first time he has said that
> microphotographer (Tom Phillips), (Me), said he found a house fly in a meteorite
> slice. This is embarrassing to all meteorite collectors.
> It is just a photomicrograph of a house fly to demonstrate a
> microphotography technique. This is explained clearly in the Meteorite Times article
> he swiped the image from. Stating otherwise could not be an honest error.
> He has made up words and said I was the author of those words.
> This guy should be banned from posting, all his posts should be removed,
> and if possible his computer taken away and given to a child who knows how to
> use it.
> Any ideas of how to stop this insanity would be appreciated.
> My micrographs are already unconventional. I pursue more art than science
> and I ignore standard techniques used in meteorite examination. The most
> obvious difference in my images is magnification levels higher than what is
> even useful in petro grade determinations. As a result, I have come up
> with some unusual looking features in meteorites. When you come up with the
> unusual you have a high standard of accuracy to maintain or every thing is
> dismissed.
> I did not find a house fly in a meteorite slice!!! The house fly was a
> house fly slide. Part of a child's "Insects under the microscope" set.
> Why are his eBay listings claiming human body parts in Martian meteorites
> (very high priced) still allowed on eBay??? Does the IMCA have no
> influence with eBay?
> Thanks, Tom Phillips

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