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...while in German the generic term "Meteorit" and consequently the
meteorites are male. Exception can be, if you refer to an iron meteorite as
"iron", then it's a neuter.


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Here in France, it is unanimously and/or
spontaneously accepted that all meteorites are considered female.
Then we are sure that no one will ever be offended....


At 07:45 12/04/2010, Shawn Alan wrote:
>Hello Listers,
>I have been meaning to ask people what sex they
>would consider their meteorites to be and if the
>names of the meteorite would be the final factor
>in determining sex? Or is this a silly question
>for me to ask in the first place?
>Why I ask this question is because alot of times
>I hear people refer to a classic car as a
>female, like "look at her she's a beauty". I
>have even caught myself referring to some of the
>meteorites I own as a male of female.
>For instance, I would consider Almahata Sitta as
>female because the way Almahata Sitta sounds has
>this romantic feel to it when I say her name. Or
>the Weston, I would definitely call it a male
>meteorite because just the word sounds bold and strong when I say his name.
>Which sex are your meteorites and what
>determining factors could dictate which way this would go?
>Shawn Alan
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