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Hello Zelimir, and all,

Almahata Sitta is really a conglomerate of many different types of
meteorites. So far at least half a dozen totally different ones have been found
there, some ureilites fragments but also some EL, EH and even H. It would help
if Vincent would contact Prof. Bischoff in Muenster since he is the one
doing the classification.
Or he could also ask Siegfried Haberer.
And if anyone is interested I do have the latest report on Almahata Sitta.
(PDF file, 29 pages)

Anne M. Black
IMPACTIKA at aol.com
Vice-President, I.M.C.A. Inc.

In a message dated 4/12/2010 2:13:12 PM Mountain Daylight Time, Zelimir.Gab
elica at uha.fr writes:
Hi List,

Vincent Jacques, who is not able to send posts
right now, asked me to forward you the following message:

Happy speculations...

Dear listo?des

I would be very curious to have your ideas about
the following meteorite, here above the story:

In 2002, I have purchased a mix meteorites- earth
stones from a Moroccan dealer during the
Brussel?s mineral show. 60% of them was
meteorites (many chondrites, one little eucrite,
and some magnetics strange stones, terrestrials
following my desert & meteorite experience)

One of them showed a very strange
lithology. Earth rock or meteorite? My first
impression after cutting was ?a simple rock from
Sahara?? but? a little magnetic attraction on one
side and some cm? of very thick chocolate
alteration on other side (old fusion crust?) asked to more investigations.

The first question: ?Meteorite or not?? has been
resolved in 2006 by prof Jedwab (University of
Brussel?s) during a quick microprobe
analysis. ?With lot of hesitation, it?s a
meteorite, congratulation? He said: ?probably a
very very old weathered chondrite, no
interesting? perhaps achondrite, but my analysis
is not perfect. I found only one little Fe-Ni
flake. I think that was a mud aggregate, but it?s a meteorite?

Other visual submission to prestigious
institutions was blocked during the first
contact: ?Oh, if it?s a meteorite, it is so
weathered, no interest to study it? probably a little ordinary chondrite.?

Recently, I have submitted a fragment of this
?rejected ugly meteorite? to a Belgian
laboratory, who studies several meteorites
including Antarctica meteorites from summer 2009-2010 collect.

The first result is fall some days later: The
meteorite is very close to ureilite group, but?
there is a little problem. It contains an unusual
part of pure carbon. Analysis continues at this time.

We have searched equivalent meteorites, without
result, except for Almahata Sitta meteorite.

On internet, the following link shows a
electronic photo of Almahata sitta. Photo's are
very similar. Please, compare it with following
electronic pictures of my ?rejected meteorite?.

Almahata Sitta electronic photos (scroll the screen):

My ?ugly meteorite?

Electronic images of my ?ugly meteorite? :

Each square and reticule corresponds to an
analysis area. Result on request by square if you are interested.

I would be very curious to read you.

Best regards,


Prof. Zelimir Gabelica
Universit? de Haute Alsace
3, Rue A. Werner,
F-68093 Mulhouse Cedex, France
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