[meteorite-list] Museum investigation: 'Probably a rock, not meteorite'

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Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2010 16:15:13 -0700 (PDT)
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Hello Listers,
I have a question about Alex's run in with being hit on the head by a rock that might have been a?meteorite or not a meteorite. In any case, lets say this?"meteorite" was bigger and hit him and caused some harm. And lets say Alex is from Australia , which from what I have read sounds like that is?the case. Now from my understanding?all meteorites are the property of the country, Australia . So in a since Australia? is?responsible for damages, harm,?psychological and/or the?well being of the?citizens of Australia as a result from a meteorite fall. Now couldn't people sue if their town was hit by a meteorite because lets say if they had happen to be in that spot where it hit, they could have been?murdered from the meteorite??Or lets say it did?hit someone, then couldn't?they hire a?Johnnie Cochran lawyer?and?sue the day lights out of the state in Australia?????
Shawn Alan
[meteorite-list] Museum investigation: 'Probably a rock, not meteorite'
Martin Altmann altmann at meteorite-martin.de
Wed Apr 14 12:47:57 EDT 2010

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Dear Alex,

I presume that you're from Western Australia, because you chose this thread
to report your strange accident?

The description of the stone sounds, as it is most probably no meteorite,
but who knows?

But if it is one, then be well aware - I know that it is difficult to
understand - that in the millisecond the stone struck your head, it suddenly
and instantaneously turned into a national natural or even cultural heritage
of Australia.
(yes, we know that a "heritage" is something old and traditional, but
understand, that with such cosmic and astronomical things, the relativity of
space and time comes into play).

It might be painful to you, similar to the pain you felt, when the object
hit you - but under no circumstances you are allowed to keep the stone,
but you have the privilege to deliver it completely to the authorities, as
it is property of the Western Australia Government, which rules also over
the inner solar system.

It may seem to you somewhat unjust and we know the Statute of Westminster
and the Astralia Act, but here and there some isolated backslides into
totalitarianism had obviously happened in your country.

Now be pride to be allowed to deliver the object in person either
to Mr. Ralph Martin from the observatory of Perth
Ralph.Martin at dec.wa.gov.au

or to Mr. Alex Bevan at the Museum in Perth
bevana at museum.wa.gov.au

The latter will be able to explain you better than anybody else in your
country, why this stone does not belong to you and why it is called a
heritage, because he is said to be a famous meteorite philosopher.

It is your duty as a patriot to bear the expenses of the delivery and to
spend your time for handing over the object.

In one point I can calm you:
You can leave your head on.
It hadn't became a cultural heritage and is not property of the WA
government, neither the blain, because both items are reckoned to be so
called "impact materials" and are not yet covered by legislation.

To be sure that you can keep your head also in future, I recommend to let
the incident being attested by a lawyer - for the case that Bevan and
colleagues once will suggest to expand the meteorite laws also on impact


Von: alex rynkiewicz [mailto:acesand at live.com]
Gesendet: Mittwoch, 14. April 2010 16:42
An: altmann at meteorite-martin.de; meteorite-list at meteoritecentral.com
Betreff: RE: [meteorite-list] Museum investigation: 'Probably a rock, not

dear meteorite hunters. iwork as a prison guard and on 9july09 940pm i was
hit in the head by a bean sized and shaped stone, it is golden in color with
small clear stones and has 2 dark stains bb sized, one on each side. it
looks like staining (graphite) like under a fusion crust that has blown off.
it has a carbide feel to the touch. need help in identifing it. any help is
appreciated. alex j rynkiewicz


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