[meteorite-list] Fireball News Cast video causes fires in the woods

From: GeoZay at aol.com <GeoZay_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2010 13:09:20 EDT
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>>Here is a video link of the fireball from last night. An some witness
took some images of some fires that were caused by the fall. Ill let you
guess decide what you think of this.<<

the reporters were doing okay up until the phone in report. Then that had
to been the most boring phone in news report I've ever heard. :O) I'm quite
confident that the burning trees had nothing to do with the meteor.
Probably lightning caused it some time ago. Judging by the large sized tree trunk
in one of those photos, it took some doing to get it to burn all the way
thru. The interior of a live tree is wet, so it wasn't something that just
caught on fire a few hours ago and did that much burning. I've seen trees
under more favorable burning conditions take days to burn this much. Anyhow,
I wouldn't connect the meteor with the fires in any way.
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