[meteorite-list] Correction: Livingston, WI fall direction WNW -> ESE

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Hi All,

Yes, my apologies -- I got the direction reversed. It was WNW to ESE.
(In my defense, I made the mistake of taking one of the early witness
reports at face value that the direction was going "east to west".)

Based on the Doppler data, the westernmost returns are at much higher
altitude than the easternmost returns, so there is no doubt this was
travelling toward the ESE. --Rob

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Looks like WNW to ESE. This camera is pointing nearly directly west at
the lakefront in Milwaukee. (Building in video is US Bank)


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> The fall was dead over Livingston, WI, travelling ESE to WNW. --Rob
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> The Livingston area seems reasonable. It's located between Platteville

> and Avoca. Both Plateville and Avoca have reported booms and shaking
> although there have been interesting reports from further south.
> Here's what a fellow in Jesup Iowa said,
> "A little after 10:00 last night my bedroom window lit up and when I
> looked outside the entire night sky was nearly as bright as day. Every

> inch of my yard was visible (was pitch black dark prior) and I thought

> an explosion had occurred. I ran into the family room to tell my
> parents and they looked at me like I was crazy."
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> > I think they're too far north (Avoca, WI) from where it actually
> landed. I'm predicting closer to Livingston, WI.
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