[meteorite-list] Meteor fragment lands in UW-Madison geoscience department

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Have to head home to coach a couple soccer games in the morning, then ill b heading back. I have some very good intel and permission to hunt that land tomorrow. Wish us luck, god be willing we will recover some new pieces soon.
Best Wishes,
Joe kerchner

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"...UW-Madison meteorite experts Noriko Kita and Takayuki Ushikubo used
a scanning electron microscope and X-ray spectrometer to begin to
analyze the surface mineral composition of the rock. They identified the
presence of magnesium, iron, and silica-containing compounds, including
the common minerals olivine and pyroxene. They also found iron-nickel
metal and iron sulfide, which are often seen in primitive meteorites...."

Meteor fragment lands in UW-Madison geoscience department

Eric Wichman

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