[meteorite-list] Clarifying Inaccuracies ... was Wisconsin find vs fall

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Date: Sat, 17 Apr 2010 20:07:33 -0400
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Mr Cook, as you've email account has" disappeared" in the middle of a
discussion perhaps you did so inadvertently so I am resending via the
meteorite central list. I think the discussion merits sharing.

--- On Sat, 4/17/10, Brien Cook <contact at briencook.com> wrote:
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Mr Cook, I beg to differ with your response You clearly didn't know
the difference between a fall and a find when you posted or you would
have used the correct term the first time as subsequent posts show.
Now you create a mountain over a simple clarification to your usage.
I enjoy mountain building leveling myself.

 The usual and least friction-causing response is to not respond and
take note in subsequent discussion or just acknowledge with a "thanks
for pointing that out" or a "Learn something new everyday". You are
most welcome to be as enthused as you care to be and express yourself
in what ever poetry or prose you choose. However when you speak
inaccurately you should also expect to have to pointed out.Most all
here invite corrections so that the info discussed here remains
reliable and current. That is the way it works now and how it has
worked for 15 years.

If you are not here to discuss all aspects of meteorites,which by
default also includes technical and scientific accuracy then why are
you here? (That is rhetorical)-- we were all novices once; some
choose to remain self-absorbed and clueless; others become highly
versed in the science, history and lore . most would like to be
accurate in their comments. We've no way to know that you feel
differently about what you post here. Many novices do become experts
in their own right within the many subject areas meteorites cover.
This enables the list as a whole to be the resource that is is.
Novices come and go, some remain novices their whole stay as they
keep the novice state of mind closed to new information.

That said, everyone is encouraged to ask or comment and chime in on
topics they choose. That is how accurate information gets spread

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