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Date: Mon, 19 Apr 2010 13:23:21 EDT
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>>I think in the past it was much funner to name meteorites. What's wrong
with "Eagles Nest"?
A great name back in 1960 and was classified right here in the USA. As we
all know it was named because it was found lying next to an eagles nest.<<

this reminds me of a practice that was done some years ago in the Fire
Service on brush or forest fires. The first engine on the scene would give it
any name they chose. It could be the "George Fire" or "Carl Fire" or any
name they so choose. Afterwards, the chief on the fire scene would do a lot
of talking on the radio and often would say things like, "this is the George
IC" or "Carl IC". IC stood for "Incident Commander". The first engine on
the scene would often try to get creative. Often naming the fire something
like, "The Dumb Fire". When the chief gets on scene, on occasions he would
be saying things like, "This is the Dumb IC" etc. It didn't take long befor
the rules of naming fires became rather clear and concise. :O)
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