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Hi Brian and List,

I come from a family of farmers in south-west Ohio, Right now the farmers are planting. I have been hunting Indian artifacts for 20 years, After planting if you ask the farmer if you can walk "in between the row's and look for arrowheads or(meteorites) they will almost always say sure!

You should be able to do this till early june, crops will not be too high yet.

As far as the HEMP goes, The drug dealers do not start planting it down hear in the corn fields untill the corn is at least 2 feet high! LOL


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> hi folks,
> While contemplating a trip to the great pastures of
> Southwestern Wisconsin and what this new meteorite will
> eventually be called " Livingston/Mifflin/Mineral Point/Iowa
> County/Grant County/Iowa-Grant County Schools/Wisconsin
> Meteorite" I was listening to WLS-FM Oldies on 94.7 here in
> Chicago. Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane was singing
> "White Rabbit" and NO, I was Not high. ;-) Just in case any
> of you were thinking that my hippie childhood in the 60s at
> 9 years old hearing this song made you think such thoughts.
> ;-) Shame on you! lol ;-)
> A couple of things dawned on me.
> 1) Farmers have been plowing for over a week and are ready
> to plant
> 2) Landowners have been charging $50 per day, per person to
> hunt on their land. Regardless of whether you find
> meteorites or Not, you Don't get your money back if you
> don't find any.
> 3) You must pay the landowner 50 % of your findings before
> you leave or said landowner may take out a shotgun and give
> you a taste of some buckshot... Honestly, you do have to pay
> 50% of what you find. Just ask the guys that have been
> there. Example: if you find a 20 gram meteorite, landowner
> weighs it and at, say $5 per gram, you have a $100 meteorite
> and landowner gets $50 from you before you can leave the
> area. As you have read in earlier posts Mike Farmer noted
> some guy ( we don't know him, hopefully a local) found a
> meteorite and everyone saw it and he took off before paying
> the landowner and the landowner got angry and chased
> everyone off his land.
> 4) No one has any idea if there is a "Main Mass" if it has
> been found or if the largest 200 gram stone is the main mass
> or if it's much bigger or where it is.
> 5) Now, the jist of this post.....Once farmers have planted
> and plants are up and growing or in the fields, they... DO
> NOT ...want a bunch of Collectors--------Expert or Novice
> stomping around the fields and crushing their plants.!!!!!!
> I know this from personal experience because I used to go up
> to Iowa County for a 15 year period and always walked around
> the fields when going to and fro. If farmers even, and I
> Stress the word "EVEN" let anyone onto their land they are
> most likely going to charge higher prices,? i.e. $100
> per day plus a cut, perhaps 50 % or more.
> 6) This area in Iowa/Grant counties and throughout
> Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana, Iowa, etc. as many of you
> know that live in the area was heavily planted during WWI
> with "HEMP" let me say that again, "H-E-M-P" that was used
> as Hemp rope during World War 1. Think Willie Nelson
> or? Woody Harrelson.
> Every year farmers are supposed to pull out or cut down the
> hemp and burn it or the county will come and do it and
> charge or fine the landowners. You guys in Northern Indiana
> and Illinois know we hear of the yearly Hemp Burning of
> hundreds of acres in Northern Indiana that always makes the
> news.
> I Stress this since if you plan on going up this Summer,
> you had better make sure you don't try to skirt around
> contacting the landowners and let them know you want to hunt
> meteorites. Not, that I would in any way shape or form think
> or suggest you would do this, But, I stress this since if
> you are out walking around the side of the road or along a
> pasture or fence line and someone, neighbor, passer-by
> County Mountie or landowner and they see you, they may
> report you to the law as someone looking to "Harvest Hemp"
> and you may get a ticket and be going to jail. Just to put
> that out there as "food for thought." Just to make it safer
> for everyone.
> Hope this is helpful before you plan a trip there.
> Brian
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