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Date: Sun, 25 Apr 2010 10:14:54 -0700 (PDT)
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Steve,? I always thought you were a cool guy.? I also know that you will be back.? Meteorites are in your blood , like mine.? I have been into meteorites off and on since about 1955!? You can't really let go!? You will be back!??? Good luck in your new adventures!? What are your new adventures?? I am one of the guys that you sent a free metreorite to about 5 years ago.? Once again thanks for that!?? Good luck to you!

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> Again? This is the third time that I can think of.
Hope to hear from u again,
> im sure we will. If not best of luck to you.
Best wishes

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> [meteorite-list] Fw: a final goodbye to everyone

> griff.Please post this to the list pleae.Last time I'll ask.Thanks my
Steve Arnold

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> Subject: a final goodbye to
> everyone
> Hello list.I knew someday this day would come.I am
> hanging it up as a
> meteorite
> collecter and a very bad met
> hunter.After 12 years I am leaving meteorites
> with my head held high.I
> will be leaving alot of great friends and a hand
> full
> of
> assholes,but better with alot than the latter.I have sold off my entire
> main
> collection.That is the collection where I had at home.I'll continue
> to
> have my
> private primary collection put away,so I'll be into
> meteorites.I have also
> closed my website.I will also be unsubscribing
> from the met list next
> month.So
> I will pass away into the night
> without a whimper.I'll miss everyone,but I
> look
> forward to
> enjoying my life with my wife and now happily again being DEBT
> free
> which is a great feeling.Also I'll miss giving away freebies,but I
> really
> enjoyed those times.I hope all who benefitted from those were
> happy as
> well.Well
> there is not much more to say.I wished I
> could have found some of those
> new
> stones last weekend.The
> lord
is pointing me into a new phase of my life so I
> look with
> determination as to what will be like.Good luck to everyone and
> I
> hope
> you all find the finds of a lifetime.It has been a hell of a
> ride.Good
> luck and
> god bless to everyone.This time it's
> for
> good.

Steve R.Arnold,Chicago,il the
> first
> Arnold

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