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Terrific trip report, Robert, and very happy to hear that you made a
find -- even a small one. Hey: the small ones are the hardest to
find! I'm only sorry that I'll have just missed meeting you in the
field -- I'll be there Tuesday-Thursday this coming week. :-(
Wish me luck -- based on the outcomes of very experienced hunters,
I know I'm going to need it!


P.S. Great RFSPOD shot!

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Hello List,

? I wanted to write a few things about the fantastic hunting experience last
week in Wisconsin. It was a real blast. ( No pun intended... THIS time.)

? I knew I would naturally run into some long time friends, such as Mike,
Greg, Rubin, Robert, Geoff, Dave, Rob, Cottingham and many others. It was
great to see them all again. What I didn't know was that I would make such
terrific new friends.

???On the way back to the hotel at the end of the first day's hunt, Jerry
and I drove by a couple of guys walking up to their cars. We pulled over to
ask if they had had any luck. They started telling us what they knew about
all of the finds so far... and VERY unselfishly invited us to join in the
hunt with them on the land they had received permission to hunt. I had never
had the pleasure of meeting these guys, but when they told me their names, I
instantly recognized them.... Larry Atkins and Karl Aston. We all hit if off
immediately and ended up becoming great friends over the next 2 and 1/2
days. Larry's bodacious enthusiasm and happy personality is quite
infectious. A very fun loving guy. And Karl, is one of the most laid back,
easy-to-get-along-with guys you could ever hope to meet. He worked
tirelessly driving around and asking for permission to hunt in the
ever-changing and growing strewnfield. I'm sure that all of you who already
know them
 will agree completely.

? The four of us were usually the very first (at least by a few minutes)to
meet for continental breakfast at 6:30am sharp each morning, and were in the
field hunting by 7:30am, not coming in until around 7:30pm. We often hunted
along fairly close to each other, and spent some of the time exchanging "old
hunting stories". It was great. We also had the pleasure of teaming up with
a local photographer they had met and invited along for the hunt, Mark
Hirsch. This "newbie" was walking just several feet away from me and the
others when he "had that magic moment" and found his very first meteorite
ever. Another new member, christened into our crazy obsession. It was a true
pleasure to meet and spend some time with him as well. I have a feeling
we'll all be seeing more of him at future falls.???
( You can see "the team" in action in today's RFSPOD. A big thanks to Bob
King and Michael Johnson for posting the photo! Its a great shot.)

? Mine and Jerry's overall experience there was perfect. Everyone was very
friendly. The weather was great, and the scenery was beautiful. I saw quite
a bit of the native wildlife, including a dozen or more wild turkeys, a mink
or muskrat, a duck sitting on her nest of eggs, and my first wild badger (
probably was good that I was sitting IN the car when he popped up out of his
hole just a few feet away and stared at me for a minute or so! He didn't
look very happy to see me).

? In the end, we did technically find some meteorites, small as they were.
In fact, as far as I know, I probably hold the dubious distinction of one of
my finds possibly being THE smallest specimen found ..... a whopping 3.2g.
But, hey. I'm not complaining!? ;-)

? And then there's the incredible experience of the young school boy finding
the meteorite live on camera! Unbelievable. A quick shout-out of thanks to
Mike Farmer for calling and alerting us to the finds there, enabling us to
expand our search area.

? Very best wishes to all those who went and/or are planning on going. Good

? Sincerely,
? Robert Woolard???? ? ? ? ? ?
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