[meteorite-list] Jakarta Meteorite (or not)

From: Darryl Pitt <darryl_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 2010 13:07:26 -0400
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I think I may have mentioned this on the list once before....

Many years ago in Columbia during an especially vivid meteor shower,
two slum-dwelling children were killed in a fire following a "meteor
impact," according to their father. It was reported this slum did not
have electricity.

My brother (an expert in infanticide) had long regaled me with awful
stories in which extraordinary claims are made by adults as to the
circumstances surrounding the death of children in their care.

I called REUTERS who put me in touch with the local paper....who then
put me in touch with the police, and I explained meteors and the
thermal properties of meteorites.

I received a phone call in which I was advised dad admitted to having
killed his children.

There is indeed a script and it's what some professionals refer to as
the "winning lottery ticket" explanation: the occurrence of the most
extraordinary yet plausible(?) circumstance.

The Indonesian police are on the right path.

All best / d,

On Apr 30, 2010, at 12:30 PM, JoshuaTreeMuseum wrote:

> Sounds like BS to me. A 9 year old girl had a fatal heart attack
> upon hearing the explosion? Melted items and residual heat
> footprints? 3 houses (one with a crater on the floor), blown up but
> they can't find a single fragment. Somehow I don't believe it.
> When will they ever learn that meteorites are COLD, not hot? And
> of course the dummies always think it's related to the current
> meteor shower, or of course it could be space junk. Are they
> following a script?
> Phil Whitmer
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