[meteorite-list] What types of meteorites do you collect?

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Date: Thu, 01 Jul 2010 12:24:21 -0400
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 From your post it really should be What don't you collect. ;>)

I guess you may not have too many martian or lunars.

I collect similar to you except I don't go for too many irons. Just
have a couple to show people and sxplain the broad range of meteorites.
Chondrites of all shorts (especially W0 unequilibrated) and HEDs. I too
love Dho 007


Mike Tettenborn

Gary Fujihara wrote:
> Greg poses a good question for the list: what types of meteorites do you collect the most and are most interested in, and why?
> Well, being far too scatterbrained to choose only one type, I have many interests. I love carbonaceous chondrites, and among them CM and CVs in particular (I love the smell of Murchison in the morning ;^)
> For achondrites, I collect HEDs a lot, and love brecciated cumulate eucrites like Dho 007.
> WIth respect to ordinary chondrites, I love any unequilibrated stone, and type 3s of any classification float my boat.
> Oh, and last but not least, I love big, regmaglyped complete irons of all kinds. There is something about a large iron meteorite that captures the attention and imagination of most people.
> gary
>> This brings up another idea for a thread:
>> What class or type of meteorite to you collect the most and are most interested it?
>> I myself like rare ungrouped achondrites and my favorite is the Angrites.
>> Greg S.
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