[meteorite-list] Question for dealers - accepting foreign checks in the US

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If he has a bank account, why don't you ask him to sign up with
paypal?, they say it's free to send from there and charge a 2.5%
premium (over interbank I suppose)


also, ref:

Insist I am not a dealer, though, so the reply doesn't count.

Best wishes

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Hi List,

Quick question for the dealers : have you ever heard of a US bank
accepting a check from an overseas bank? Specifically, a check from
India from an Indian bank that is affiliated with Bank of America, and
the check in question will be drawn against Bank of America and can be
deposited or cashed at any Bank of America?

I ask because I received a request from an overseas customer and the
request seems legit in other respects, but I am reluctant to deal with
the kind of stuff where I have to walk in to the bank, speak to a
supervisor and get it handled - it's a PITA and I'd rather just go
through the drive-through and get my business done quick. And unless
this is some form of Cashier's Check, there is no telling how long it
will take for a check like this to clear and the funds to become

Best regards,


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