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G'Day Shawn and List
I've already posted in regards to a thread that happened a while ago,
that Tom was a little bit put out about. Not only have his images been
used, but his words have been twisted. I wish he was back on the Met
List. But after some correspondence with him today, he sent this to me
with permission to post it.

"Welcome to the Tom Phillips Meteorite Micrograph Gallery!

This gallery contains microscopic images of meteorites.

While it is tempting to read into what you might think you see, I have
never found any evidence of past life or any thing supernatural. I have
read claims by people using my images to support their ideas, theories
and dogmas. The claims of muscle fibers and other animal/people parts
are the easiest to disprove as the size scale is off. Many meteorites
have various forms of barred chondrules which may be large or quite
small, almost fiber looking. These are not biological in nature. I can
and have found strikingly similar looking structures in fresh volcanic

The claims involving faith and much harder to address. All I can say is
I have noted no messages or hidden symbolism in any of my images.

My images combine some science and some art. I am concentrating on the
visually pleasing. What that means is I am often working with
magnifications much higher than what is typically useful in optical
meteorite classification examinations and as such, my images look
"Different" than what many are accustomed to. This puts me in the
position of being sensitive to outrageous claims involving my images. I
am careful to say only what is accurate and I generally avoid analysis.
I give the meteorite name, type of material, magnification or field of
view and the microscope technique.

If you see any thing more than meteorite structures in any of these
images, have fun! But remember, this is no more scientific or spiritual
than seeing dogs in clouds.

Tom Phillips"

John Cabassi
IMCA # 2125

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Hello Listers

I was doing some researching and came across this link and not sure if
its been listed but I find this to be interesting and also mmmmmm to be
weird science. At any rate, NASA must be excited about this and I guess
anything is possible these days, Tagish Lake has opals in them, lets see
if we can find the fountain of youth next.

Here is the abstract down below

Structures of skeletal muscle fibers are found in three micrographs,
which were imaged by Tom Phillips from a thin section cut out of Martian
meteorite NWA 998. The morphology, organization, and context of the
structures indicate they were the structures of muscle fibers. The
micrographs show no cracks for the structures to move from outside the
meteorite to their present locations. Therefore, the muscle fiber
structures should be indigenous to meteorite NWA 998. The structures of
muscle fibers are found in the meteorite possibly because the parent
rock of the meteorite solidified around the fossilized muscle fibers on


Shawn Alan
IMCA 1633
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