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From: Eric Wichman <eric_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Fri, 19 Aug 2011 15:19:38 -0700
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Absolutely! The connections and information and social aspect of
Facebook is much better and more pleasing than a simple email list. I
guess some people are just technophobic.

The photos, videos, link sharing, commenting, liking, friending,
connecting and social interaction just can't be matched. Photo galleries
can be created at will, you can stay updated on what your friends are
doing, and it's good for business! Almost every big dealer I know uses
Facebook for selling their meteorites. It's a great marketing tool, and
you don't get bitched at by whiners who don't like seeing an Ad in their
email box. If you don't want to look at an ad, it's easy to just move on
to the next thing on Facebook.

Way cooler than a static email list... Oh, and Geoff Notkin's Club Space
Rock... Well, it rocks too! Pure meteorites and social networking.

Email lists are being phased out the way the dinosaurs were. Facebook
and Google+ are the asteroids that smashed the email lists and
traditional forums.


On 8/19/2011 3:05 PM, Marcin Cimala wrote:
>> I'm amazed at the "old school" mentality coming from the people in
>> the meteorite world.
>> Hmmm, why so negative? Why so technologically phobic?
>> Interesting...
>> Regards,
>> Eric
> Agree...
> Sometimes we have a reason to not talk with family members. As we say
> in Poland, "You look good with family only on photos".
> Seriously, I can visit my family, but I cant visit YOU ! But if You
> share Your photos, links You like, places You have visit, meteorites
> You just purchased its very nice. I can know better meteorite list
> members. Only positive vibrations. And You decide what You share with
> world.
> And dont compare FB from 4-5 years ago to present times becouse its
> ridiculous. Its like comparing Wright Brothers plane to F-16. Ohh...
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