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With this crap currently selling for a minimum $1.00 US per gram, no doubt the culprit(s) are wondering which engine block to melt next.


In this case, crime seems to pay.




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> Subject: Re: [meteorite-list] Shirokovsky
> Greetings listoids.
> Doug, I believe you've introduced an important distinction, upon which I've
> been intending on opining. Like you said, "a meteorwrong by most
> definitions is *natural* material than can be confused with an authentic
> meteorite out in the field." Shirokovsky, on the other hand, was a
> deliberate fake. A man-made concoction for the sole purpose of fraud. (Based
> on what I've read here.) I can understand the interest in a legitimate
> meteorwrong - I bought a piece of Mendota myself - but, in my opinion,
> Shirokovsky does not deserve to be in that category. I would be no more
> likely to purchase a sample, than to intentionally purchase counterfeit
> currency. It has about the same worth.
> But while I have to agree with Adam's point of view on this, I can somewhat
> understand the opposing views. Respect them, anyway. Interestingly though,
> most all of those in favor of collecting it, already have it in their
> collections. A case of "sour grapes", in reverse? ;^)
> Just my two cents. Actual value may vary.
> Linton
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> Subject: Re: [meteorite-list] Shirokovsky
> > Adam wrote:
> >
> > "I see Shirokovsky as being off topic"
> >
> > I agree and would keep my mouth shut iof I thought it were an innocent
> > scam that was over and reparations made.
> >
> > Since I agree with Adam as such this will be my only post, since what is
> > on topic, interestingly, is clarifying that it is not a
> > eteorwrong*.. - a meteorwrong by most definitions is natural material
> > than can be confused with an authentic meteorite out in the field. This
> > is not that case, this is the case of the apple colored moldavites faked
> > on eBay. This is a *PSEUDOMETEORITE* and that term is doing it a favor,
> > and we should IMO all be very clear about that for the mutual benefit of
> > all of our collections and future material that could enter them.
> >
> > Shirokovsky may elicit the Pavlovian Dogs salivation in collectors that
> > haven't been soiled by it. You know - save that salivation for the real
> > stuff, Shirokovsky isn't even in the category of a blow-up meteorite doll.
> > There is nothing technologically interesting about Shirokovsky, the matrix
> > is nothing better than you can find in a cheap faux bead shop, and why
> > people think it would have an etch pattern is beyond me. The only reason
> > to have it is because when you drive by an accident on the highway and see
> > an accident with blood and guts, you have to stop and cause everyone else
> > a traffic jam as you gawk. And then you have to tell everyone else, yes,
> > look I have a piece of that corpse on the road, look at me!
> >
> > I wouldn't feel this way at all if the story were all closed and those who
> > have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars (yes, the amount is correct)
> > were ok and the crooks in jail. But the collective memory seems to mean
> > nothing even if we can learn from our past. Everything would be cool in
> > the collectible category if there were a fixed amount of Shirokovsky out
> > there.
> >
> > It is not all accounted for and it gives someone else the idea of
> > manufacturing other meteorites; why, instead of getting locked up for
> > stealing from several collectors and causing all kinds of business
> > heartache beyond the active imagination of many listmembers, the message
> > is clear. Make a Shitpkovsky fake, if you get caught, be nowhere to be
> > found and burn the people who trusted you, cause a great deal of
> > pollutuion that everyone else has to clean up (the equivalent of the Exxon
> > Valdez, and we all cleaned it up), and then appear 10 years later selling
> > more of it like war memorabilia from the dark side and getting people to
> > actually argue it is a good thing to have in collections.
> >
> > Huuumpt. I still remember being at a function 3 years ago where the big
> > meteorite dealer insisted to an ignorant crowd that his many Shirokovsky
> > pseudometeorites. He sold them for $25/g and many just three years ago
> > painted me as someone who didn't know since he was the expert (ha).
> >
> > Here's what the serious problem is: the material was all controlled before
> > by the dealer terrorists and collector rapists. If you bought a piece of
> > this suckerite from one of the original good faith dealers, you did a fine
> > thing to help bail them out and had the cute thing to discuss it in a
> > charitable show and tell. But - Now assigning a collection value to new
> > material all you are doing is having money chase the masses that were
> > never cut. And as we all know, when money chases, money gets. And -
> > guess where this new material is coming from?
> >
> > Kindest wishes
> > Doug
> >
> >
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> >
> >
> > I guess collecting artifacts has made me leery about fakes. Get caught
> > with one
> > fake artifact and it will put your entire collection in question. It is
> > best to
> > get artifacts papered and destroy any that have been "killed" by an
> > independent
> > authenticator. I see Shirokovsky as being off topic since it is not a
> > meteorite
> > and is was only produced in order to defraud honest collectors out of
> > their hard
> > earned money.
> > If you want a piece of a recycled old Ford motor block in your collection,
> > that
> > is your business. To me, it is garbage and so are the people who produced
> > it!
> >
> > Adam
> >
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