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HI Greg and Mike ,

Way to go on on your recovery work. You guys did an awesome job! It
must have been a lot of work but it paid off.


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Dear List,I would like to first congratulate Mike Farmer for his, as
always, hard work and first boots on the ground recoveries for the new
Kenya fall. Secondly, I want to thank Mike for inviting me on both
trips to Kenya, first one I was not able to make due to a project at
the time, but luckily I was able to join him in the hunt and recoveries
during the second trip! Mike offered me a most generous deal in the
recoveries, sharing in expenses, something he did not have to do since
he succeeded alone in his first trip to the new fall, "Thank You,
Mike!"Now I sit at the Atlanta airport waiting for my connection to
Tampa, been traveling since Sunday morning... Looking forward to
getting settled at home and sharing some photos of a great
adventure!Btw, I think the projected 'profits' discussed are
absurd.Best Regards,Greg HupeOn Aug 23, 2011, at 7:30 PM, Shawn Alan
<photophlow at yahoo.com> wrote:> Hello Mike and Listers> > Mike so your
suggesting that you will be selling the Kenya meteorites for less then
$20 a gram? still $20 a gram at that is $230,000 with with 15-20 grand
invested in the trip and I bet you paid about a dollar a gram or less
for the meteorites thats not bad at all. You make it sound like your
loosing money. > > Any whos if you make your money back and double
that, thats still a killing which you will, not to mention I bet you
will do trades for the meteorites as well. I know how much money can be
had from new falls with meteorites and I think a few people on here can
say the same. Not saying that what you do is easy, but money can be
made from new fresh falls and you said your self....> > "Real news will
breaking in hours........ > Get your checkbooks out."> > and> > " I may
have > one or two larger stones available, 279~ g and 313~ gram 100%
complete, but > not cheap!"> > At any rate hunters like you and other
make it possible for use and the rest of the meteorite community to
collect. Thank you and glad you made it out to Kenya or who knows, they
could have been rocks and nothing more. > > Shawn Alan > IMCA 1633 >
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