[meteorite-list] New mineral in NWA 1934 discovered: Brearleyite

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Congratulations, Pro?fes?sor Brear?ley !!!

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>New mineral in NWA 1934 discovered: Brearleyite
>" Researchers at Cal?tech and sev?eral author insti?tu?tions have named a newly dis?cov?ered min?eral in a mete?orite, ?brear?leyite,? in recog?ni?tion of Uni?ver?sity of New Mex?ico Pro?fes?sor and Chair of Earth and Plan?e?tary Sci?ences Adrian Brear?ley for his con?tri?bu?tions to mete?orite mineralogy.
>?I?m deeply hon?ored and hum?bled to say the least,? said Brear?ley. ?It doesn?t hap?pen to too many people.?
>Brear?leyite is an extremely rare, fine-grained min?eral that is a new mete?oritic Ca-Al (calcium-aluminum) and Cl-rich phase. The sam?ple was dis?cov?ered in a car?bona?ceous chon?drite mete?orite found in North?west Africa in 2003. It likely formed from a reac?tion of krotite with hot Cl-bearing gases or flu?ids on a small aster?oid, 4.56 bil?lion years ago. Krotite is another recently dis?cov?ered min?eral that is named after Dr. Alexan?dre Krot, a col?league and col?lab?o?ra?tor of Brearley?s at the Uni?ver?sity of Hawai?i, Manoa.
>The min?eral and its name, ?brear?leyite,? have been approved by the Com?mis?sion on New Min?er?als, Nomen?cla?ture and Clas?si?fi?ca?tion (CNMNC) of the Inter?na?tional Min?er?alog?i?cal Asso?ci?a?tion. Three round, thin sec?tions of one inch diam?e?ter con?tain the material. "
>http://news.unm.edu/2011/08/newly-discovered-mineral-in-meteorite-named-after-unm-professor/?? (29th August 2011)
>paper: http://www.minsocam.org/msa/ammin/toc/Abstracts/2011_Abstracts/AS11_Abstracts/Ma_p1199_11.pdf
>Best wishes to you all
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