[meteorite-list] OT: Not an incoming Meteor . . .

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Hi Mike and List,

I remember seeing something like this high over Central Nevada heading West. Those interupted condensation puffs looked then, and now, suspiciously like what a pulse type propulsion system would emit. You aeronautical engineers out there know that "ram/pulse" systems can keep on thrusting at double digit Mach numbers. I don't see where the sustainer, let alone the booster, would be other than a solid propellant motor, so this "puffer" must be needed for this little mother to maintain high Mach for awhile. DARPA's releases mention gliding flight too much for me to believe them...Think about how quickly the vehicle would slow down at an altitude low enough to leave a contrail. The drag would be ginormous and ergo...one woul need the "puffer" to keep it moving.

I should charge money for this kind of intel ;0)


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>DARPA offers this on the HTV-2: ? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uVFNLdTuN-s
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