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 I agree with you but if what you suggest is true, it's not fair to let someone mislead this list by soliciting future subscriptions. I thought that the November issue was "at the press" back in December and to print the November issue before the September one makes no sense at all! And to have all the missing issues available in two weeks in Tucson? I've asked about my missing issues several times and the answer is always 2 weeks!

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> List,
> Paul asked "Has anyone who subscribed to MH&C Magazine gotten any other issue via snail mail beyond the premier July issue?"
> I haven't ....and my unsolicited opinion is that we probably will not receive any in the future. Publishing and distributing niche periodicals is a daunting and costly endeavour requiring one to to purchase paper stock, edit copy, select and caption photos, layout, print and pay postage for snail mail. Were talking high four figures a month without paying any salaries, or profit.
> When I saw the excellent (expensive) first issue I said to myself..."This ain't gonna last as the publisher would have to maintain a paid subscription base in the thousands to just break even."
> Online only might pencil out. Mailing hard copies is a brutal nut to crack.
> I wish the publisher all the good luck in the world and my compliments on the quality of the first issue.
> Count Deiro
> IMCA 3536
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> >I sent two inquiries recently via the meteoritesusa web site and received canned responses along the lines of 'thank you for your email' but nothing about the specific issue, which was the issues I haven't received, which is all but the first one. So, WTFooey with the extra copies for the gem show?!?
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> >paul swartz
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> >> >Has anyone who subscribed to MH&C Magazine gotten any other issue via snail
> >> >mail beyond the premier July issue?
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> >> >My inquiring mind wants to know.
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> >> >Thanks,
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