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Hi Friends, Collectors, Listees and Lurkers!

The 25%-OFF "Pre-Tucson" Sale is in effect. Some of you have already
scored some great deals during this sale, and there are still some
nice specimens waiting to find a new home. This 25% off sale is valid
in combination with all Clearance and Sale items in the store - so you
can combine discounts to get 30,40, or 50% off on some pieces! To get
the discount, use coupon code "tucson" at checkout. Rarely, the
checkout function will act goofy, so if you have any problems with
checkout or using the coupon, send me an email for a prompt reply -
meteoritemike at gmail.com

I have a few new micromounts that have arrived in the last week -

"Buck Mountain"
H3.9 Chondrite
Arizona, 2005

This is not much of this scarce H3.9 chondrite on the market, and I
only acquired a small amount from B. Reed. "Buck Mountain" was found
in Arizona in September of 2005 and has not officially appeared in the
Meteoritical Bulletin yet. Official classificatioin is forthcoming.
There are only 2 known H3.9 chondrites in the entire US, and
only 40 known worldwide. Buck Mountain shows chondrules, but they are
subtle and tend to blend into the background matrix.


Sayh al Uhaymir (SAU 504 provisional)
L5/6 Chondrite
Oman, 2010

There are only 97 known non-Antarctic meteorites of this transitional
type chondrite. Of these, the majority come of out of Northwest
Africa. This meteorite was found in 2010 in the deserts of Oman and
has been provisionally classified as SAU 504 (L5/6). This meteorite
is quite attractive and It shows metal flecks, veining, and subtle
chondrules. This meteorite is good for type collectors who need to
fill the L5/6 hole in their collections.

micros - http://www.galactic-stone.com/product/sayh-al-uhaymir-sau-504--rare-l56-transitionary-type-from-oman
2.26g part slice -
2.48g part slice -

Dhofar 018
Oman, 2000

Back in the early stages of the NWA gold rush, numerous new lunar
meteorites were being discovered in the hot deserts of northwest
Africa. When this meteorite first appeared, it looked like a lunar
and it closely resembled the known lunaite Dho 1180. Before the
classification became official, some of this meteorite was sold on the
collector market at assumed lunar prices. Well, a cruel case of
mistaken identity was revealed in the final analysis, and the material
was shown to be a brecciated howardite. While this meteorite is an
nice Vestan in it's own right, many buyers had paid lunar prices for
their specimens, and a ruckus arose as dealers and collectors
scrambled to correct their collections. Now hindsight is 20/20, and I
scored some of this attractive Vestan from B. Reed.


Other specimens available - don't forget to use coupon code "tucson"
for 25% off all prices shown on the website.

Breja (Morocco 2010, possible LL6, undergoing classification) -

Breja (Morocco 2010, possible LL6, undergoing classification) 3.68g
part slice - http://www.galactic-stone.com/product/breja-new-moroccan-meteorite-fall-may-2010-taouz-368g-slice

NWA 6290 (Vestan Diogenite) 1.4g slice -

NWA 6026 (Carbonaceous CK5) Big 15g full slice -

Trinitite Atom Bomb Glass -

Make me an offer on these NASA and Apollo collectibles -

See all of the newest specimens here -

Attention Fossil collectors! -

I will be taking possession of a large collection of fossils today.
Over this coming weekend, I will be processing these specimens for
sale - sorting, photographing, and listing them on the website.
These are very nice fossils that come primarily from the famous Peace
River locality in south Florida. Some are large, intact and rare. If
you are interested in new fossil offerings, keep an eye on my Twitter,
RSS feed and "Brand New" store page this weekend. Some of these will
be listed in time for the current "Pre-Tucson" sale, so you will be
able to use this 25% off discount while the sale is still running.

Thanks for looking and have a great weekend!


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