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From: Adam Hupe <raremeteorites_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu, 2 Jun 2011 09:59:19 -0700 (PDT)
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Dear List Members.

It seems there is some confusion on the comments I made in regards to the NWA 5K
display ring. The image that Steve C. used was a picture of the real deal that
Russ F. posted to his website with permission. I took all images of NWA 5K off
of my web space for a couple of years because a few others were using them
without permission or for less than honorable purposes.

Several quality people ask me to put them back up so I did and what I feared
happened again. Some less than honest people have used these images for the
following purposes:

Had a Moroccan (Mohamed S.) dealer show up at the Tucson show and claim he had
an 18 kilogram pairing?a week after we announced it, The so-called pairing
turned out to be a much?more common Eucrite that did not look anything like NWA
5K once cut. He was trying to find a sucker at the show to buy it even though a
scientist at the show told him there is no doubt whatsoever that what he had
wasn't even close to being a lunar meteorite, let alone NWA 5K?.

There has been three instances that I know of that other groups fabricated their
own version of the patent pending display ring and tried to take credit away
from the original design team by not acknowledging them.

One bold con-artist from the United Kingdom used images and my description of a
large slice taken from eBay to?try to sell a piece that he or she did not own or
could even produce once it was paid for.

Our team came up with?an idea about a Jules Vern line of watches?that would
showcase a piece of NWA 5K into?time pieces and promoted our plans to a French
watch-making company only to have them?steal our idea and integrate an ugly and
much cheaper piece of black characterless Dhofar into it.? They copied the port
idea (display ring) which reminded of us of Jules Vern?and made a miniature
version on the side of?their watches.? It is too bad this multi-billion dollar
concern has to steal ideas from the small guys and take full credit for it. We
learned our lesson and will never deal with a company like this again without a
lawyer present.

Had fellow from the Philippines claim he had a piece of NWA 5K? for sale even
though he did not own any. He used images of the real deal in order to find a
terrestrial rock that he thought was somewhat similar.

And now we have Steve C. claiming to be the first to find Lunar meteorites on
the North American continent and guess what; He has found a terrestrial breccia
which is lying around everywhere in Colorado and claims to have found the
American equivalent to NWA 5K.? He wonders why scientist will not waste their
time with his finds.? Perhaps, if his finds?showed signs of a fusion crust,
flight markings, shock melt, metal?and encased Helium 3 bubbles he might have
something but he used images and what he saw on TV?to make his invalid

I have spent over 3,200 hours (I know this figure sounds unbelievable but I keep
track) managing NWA 5K and do not appreciate?anybody with less than honorable
intentions interfering with this ongoing project.

Best Regards,


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It is interesting that many have tried to copy the custom and patent pending
display ring for the complete slice of NWA 5000 and now others are trying to
copy the stone itself.? In the case of the display ring, it has held a vacuum
since it was manufactured to aerospace standards, even after traveling around
the world while promoting science.? A master machinist with decades of
experience building components for weather satellites built the original so good

luck to those who can not come up with their own ideas. Copycats may be able to
imitate it but will never achieve the level of workmanship integrated into this
one-of-kind display system that was built to last at least a 1,000 years.

Imitation is supposed to be a form of flattery but for some reason I am more
disappointed than flattered.? Having idiots piggyback off of my hard work is
nothing short of distasteful and in some cases fraudulent or should I say


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Hi all,
? ? ? ? I just received the post below - I assume many
Of you did. Is this guy a nut job or what?
For those still in doubt as to the existence of Lunar meteorites in North
America, please examine our Western Colorado version of the famous "NWA
5000."? I realize, too, that many scientists refuse to acknowledge
photography as a viable component for authentication & verification, which
leads to these questions.? What is a thin section?? What is a petrographic
analysis? How are genuine meteorites authenticated on the internet & Ebay?
If the images in the following link are fakes, who is responsible?? What
universities were involved in authenticating & classifying NWA 5000?? What
universities were involved in authenticating & classifying ALH 84001?? What
Apollo sample was used to authenticate NWA 5000 & ALH 84001?
? ? ? ? Anyone familiar with this guy?
? ? ? ? Michael
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