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From: Ruben Garcia <mrmeteorite_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Sat, 4 Jun 2011 22:32:05 -0700
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Hi all,

A friend of mine has asked me to help him sell his entire collection.
He may break it down and part it out (if he gets no takers) but first
needs to try to sell everything listed for the first $3000.00 offer.

Nearly everything is from well known hunter/dealers and it is very
important that he sells it - so please take a look.

For Photos click here

List of meteorites in his collection:

Sikhote-Alin: 61.1 gram individual
                       19.1 gram individual w/natural hole
                       20.6 gram individual
                       10.7 gram individual w/natural hole
                         6.9 gram individual

Henbury: 40.19 grams individual
                         6.18 grams individual

Mundrabilla: 59.5 grams individual
                        27.9 grams individual

Campo: 262.9 grams individual

Gibeon: 12.8 gram sphere
                          2.4 gram individual

Vaca Mureta: 5.9 gram complete individual
                         23.8 gram vial
                         1.3 gram slice. number 36/100 Steve Arnold Magnet
                         2.7 gram slice

Brenham: 13.2 gram slice
                        23.7 gram slice

Seymchan: 13.49 gram slice

Imilac: 5.5 gram slice

Miles: 4.2 gram slice

Canyon Diablo: 30.1 grams individual
                          10.6 grams individual

Muonionalusta: 15.11 gram Slice Etched

Admire: .579 mg and .351ct


NWA 6704: 2.91gram ***Brand New From Hupe Collection (Wow great piece)

NWA 869: 7.4 gram
                          5.4 gram
                          4.3 gram

Bassikounou: 7.0 gram individual w/complete fusion crust

Gao-Guenie: 8.7 gram individual w/completed fusion crust

Franconia: 15.6 gram individual

Yelland Dry Lake Bed: 3.7 gram polished slice

NWA Unclassified: 3.4 gram slice (blueish tint)

NWA 5950 CV3: 9.6 gram slice polished

NWA Unclassified Possible CV3: 12.28 gram individual

NWA Unclassified CV3: 1.27 gram individual

NWA 2086 CV3: 1.08 gram individual

NWA 1934 CV3: 3.5 gram slice W/ CAI
                                   1.19 gram individual W/6mm CAI
                                   1.9 gram individual W/1mm CAI

Allende: .787 gram slice

Camel Donga: 6.73 gram individual
                          1.54 gram individual
                            .88 gram individual

Tatahouine: 2.07 gram
                            .10 gram

NWA 1877 Olivine Diogenite: 2.0 gram Vial

Nakhlite: Martian Meteorite .20 gram piece (WOW)

NWA 4880: Martian Meteorite W/Fusion Crust .578 gram Complete
Individual (Holy Cow)

NWA 5000: Lunar Meteorite .236 gram slice (WOW)

NWA 4884: Lunar Meteorite .108 gram slice (Excellent)

Dhofar 081: Lunar Meteorite .047 gram piece (Cool)

Tekite: Black 8.1 grams individual
                         16.6 grams individual

Moldavite: 4.92 CTS.


Fisher F70 W/F75 Coil (Works perfectly)

GemOro Platinum 0800 Pocket Scale

Loop 30X-60X w/led lights for night viewing. Great for the field

Garmin Etrex Vista Handheld GPS

Magnet Cane with Two Very Powerful Rare Earth Magnets

Rock On!

Ruben Garcia

Website: http://www.mr-meteorite.net
Articles: http://www.meteorite.com/blog/
Videos: http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=meteorfright#p/u
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