[meteorite-list] question eBay meteorite sellers?????

From: Greg Hupé <gmhupe_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Tue, 7 Jun 2011 12:37:43 -0400
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Hi Shawn and List,

The last time I listed anything on eBay was last Friday and I did see the
option, maybe it was just removed in the last few days, or a temporary

I have a different issue with eBay but I understand why they do not allow
it, more fees in their pockets. The issue is that when I want to offer a
Met-List or IMCA Member discount on an item that has been purchased on eBay
from me, eBay will not allow you to issue a discount on the invoice, I have
to wait until full payment is made and then issue a partial refund in PayPal
(or personal check), when using PayPal you can issue a partial refund on
their payment, but can not include the eBay auction number or else you get
an error message stating you can not, 'treat your customers with a
discount'. Oh well, eBay can keep their fees, I am happy to offer discounts
to my valued friends and customers!!

Best Regards,

Greg Hup?
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From: Shawn Alan
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Subject: [meteorite-list] question eBay meteorite sellers?????

Hello Listers,

I have a question and was wondering any of you eBay meteorite sellers might
be experiencing the same problem on eBay.

The question

When you post an auction you have the option to list in the UK market for a
small fee in the check out section of the auction. But in the past week this
option is gone. This has happened once before and was a glitch on the UK
side is this a glitch again or is this option gone for good? Please let me
know cause the eBay staff are mmmmmmmm need I say more lol.

Shawn Alan
IMCA 1633

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