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From: Dave Myers <whitefalcons007_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Tue, 7 Jun 2011 20:27:28 -0700 (PDT)
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Dear List,

A few people on here already know, But on 4-9-2011 I found my 1st meteorite here
in Butler county Ohio.(very oriented, thumb printed)? On the 11th I had a job
interview and got hired on the spot after being laid off for some time.(Talk
about finding your lucky star)

Then on 4-16-2011, I find a broken fragment of a second chondrite on the same
farm, which is sitting on a glacier morian.

Both of these are so different, But they are chondrites.? In the past month I
find 5 other stones that look like they could be Achondrites, (will post later)

I have no interest in selling meteorites, I think these should go to our local
Geology museum which has a cool meteorite display.
6 yeras I was on a mission to find a meteorite, I think now it is complete. I
found these out side the small town where I grew - up

These would be the 1st chondrites found in Butler county Ohio. The only other
meteorite found here is the Fairfeld meteorite (iron)

If all the other suspect stones turn out to be meteorites also, then a few miles
north of ?where the last glacier ended in ohio, Indiana

and Illinoise is where meteorite hunters should be looking. I think the
sandy-gravel soil drains water quickly, and meteorites may be perserved longer
then people think.

Also I have found 40+ artifacts since april, this farm I had found artifacts 25
years ago. will post them also. The soil is only 8-10 deep on the glacial
morian, 5 paleo points have found here, I found 3 of them, Most of the artifacts
are Adena Mound builder material.

But here is the albums of the two meteorites.

Dave Myers

1st meteorite???????????

2nd meteorite??
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