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Hi Matthew and all,

Odd as I never view Alaska and Hawaii as not part of the USA only a bit
further away.

One thing that I do post in my adds are, No shipping to certain
countries because of extreme trouble with that countries mail service.
There are a few places like that and some people have had too much
trouble dealing with those countries so I simply don't ship to those

When their citizens tell them to clean things up and they become
reliable then we'll be glad to ship then.

Quoting mmartin at meteoritetreasures.com:

> Hi Chris & List,
> I've had many say that Hawaii doesn't count. I guess they failed 3rd
> grade geography.
> I am constantly frustrated with ignorant sellers who charge more for
> shipping to Hawaii. Especially for Priority Mail. Hawaii is part of
> the US and therefore flat rate is the same cost! And First Class
> price differences are minimal/ Oftentimes people try to charge way
> more...sigh...
> Many listings often say "will ship to lower 48 contiguous states
> only" ...I often wonder why...lazy I guess. They more often than
> not use USPS too...such a pity...I take my business elsewhere.
> Hawaii is often treated like a foreign country when it comes to
> shipping. I sympathize with your frustration, Chris.
> Matthew Martin
> Meteorite Treasures
> www.meteoritetreasures.com>
> I wish dealers especially on EBay wouldn't advertise "Free Shipping"
> when it only applies to U.S.customers. The rest of us (non U. S.) get
> hit with high shipping costs.
> Chris Spratt
> (Via my iPhone)
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