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Date: Fri, 10 Jun 2011 00:30:04 -0700
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Hello List and all the Shippers out there .
Have Altered the TAG a bit by adding WORLD WIDE Shipping. Since the
" I " in IMCA does refer to International, and more clearly reflects
the discussion
FREE SHIPPING means FREE , regardless of location... I live by that
rule.. 18+ years of International Shipping has taught me a few things.
If you look at my auctions or contact me directly , I try to take the
confusion out of Shipping by offering Flat Rates anywhere in the
Multiverse. Always Registered, Trackable and Insured, the only way to ship.

I also buy on eBay at times, the FREE SHIPPING can be confusing to
say the least. Unless I really like what I see I never 'Contact the
Seller", to enquire about the "OUTSIDE of the WXYZ" costs ..
Next - I really get tired of having shippers sending my purchase to
Canada or Thailand , who do not take advantage of the deals USPS
offers.. They do have Flat rate Boxes , and the Seller can alter the
Sale Items to Fit these most of the time.
Now I realize that the eBay shipping Calculators and their basically
limited system is a bit of a mess. So here are a couple of Ideas.

IN THE DESCRIPTION AREA , note to the Buyers, make it Obvious and
keep it Simple please.

A. ( will lose you sales and waste time )
Contact me for shipping Costs outside of WXYZ, I would be happy to
provide you with the Best Options and Prices available.

B. ( I like this best )
1. Inside WXYZ will be $6.
2. For WXY and XYZ will be $10
3. Other countries will be $14.

C. ( Easy - BUT FREE SHIPPING means FREE )

D. ( Simple ? )
- Free to WXYZ and $5 Shipping Anywhere else on your Planet.

Personally, I believe more eBay sales are lost due to the
USPS shipping charges and how Sellers have them set up in their eBay
listings, than any other reason. .
I just made a purchase , shipped to Thailand , Listing stated
Shipping was to be $12 a pound + $3 for each additional pound.. GREAT
, so I bit.. Received an Invoice for $48 Shipping for 6 Pounds.. Now
what to do ???
Now I received the Package , Stamp says $36.17 ?? Packing was
terrible , broken pieces ... And this seller has 100% Feedback .
800+ sales. Hmm , what next , request a refund ??
The eBay Dilemma continues , shipping settings in eBay will always be
an issue for some... Keep it simple , Offer alternatives , and be
clear please. OH , and try reading your adds at times to see if
there are any issues...

Happy Shipping
Brian S.
IMCA # 7381

> >>>>>>>>>
> > I wish dealers especially on EBay wouldn't advertise "Free Shipping"
> > when it only applies to U.S.customers. The rest of us (non U. S.) get
> > hit with high shipping costs.
> >
> > Chris Spratt
> > (Via my iPhone)
> >

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