[meteorite-list] Wanted - Willamette Meteorite specimen

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Yes, I see the reference now. A bit misleading. Will see if I get any further info out of this seller. I'm now interested in how one would prove it's shale from that location. This meteorite was moved first by glacial transport and again many moons later by a man trying to capitalize on its notoriety.

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>Yes, you read it more carefully than I did. At the end it says
>"This meteorite specimen is a piece of shale collected from the
>pit the Willamette meteorite was removed".
>However, the opening paragraph says "Here we have for you a great
>looking Willamette meteorite fragment" which seems more than
>a little misleading.
>I only collect nice-looking pieces anyway, so this does not tempt
>me in the least - whereever it comes from!
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