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Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2011 06:34:56 +0200
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When the moroccans began selling direct to end collectors i knew it would only end badly.
You can not expect to send huge sums of money overseas and get what you paid for. I have never once sent money before the stone was delivered to me.
They cant rip you off that way.
Michael Farmer

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On Jun 23, 2011, at 1:03 AM, Jack Schrader <schraderj at rocketmail.com> wrote:

> I too have been had by a dishonest Moroccan dealer I am embarrassed to say. I
> have have many good dealings with this person in the past slowly building a
> trusting meteorite buying relationship. This person also sent me a photo of a
> meteorite that I wished to buy, a very rare type. When I received the stone, it
> was a very obvious weathered H chondrite and not the meteorite that I agreed to
> buy and paid a great sum of money for. This person has promised to send me
> other meteorites to make up for the "mistake" but has not yet done so. This has
> been going on since November 2010. I have instead gotten many "excuses", the
> latest being the "border problems with Algeria do not allow for him to get the
> stones" that I will accept to make up for the money owed to me as Moroccans
> cannot send money out of the country. I have been very patient with this person
> but I will soon expose his name to the list in order to protect other buyers who
> may fall prey to his scam. I still hold a small glimmer of hope that he make
> make this right but I am very doubtful at this point. I have been patient with
> this person for more than 8 months now but I am rapidly losing my patience and
> hope that he will keep his many promises to me. I will give this person one
> more month to clear his name and reputation and then I will expose him to the
> list for the thief and liar that he is in order to keep others from falling prey
> to his dishonest scam. If he makes good, then I will owe him my apologies.
> I have had and continue to have good dealings with no problems whatsoever with
> the following dealers: Abdelfattah Gharrad, Abdelaziz Alhyane and Ahmad
> Bouragaa. I would highly recommend these dealers as I have dealt with them for
> many years with no problems at all. All very trustworthy men. All it takes is
> a couple of rotten Moroccans to give everyone a bad name though.
> I, as Gary Fujihara does, hate to make negative posts but also feel it
> necessary to expose the dishonest dealers to the list. I will keep you posted
> and I hope the list of bad Moroccan delears does not continue to grow. These
> are desperate times and the time to be all the more careful with our hard earned
> money. Be careful out there.
> Jack
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> Subject: [meteorite-list] Warning about Lahcen Ait Ha
> Aloha all,
> I want to warn everyone about a dishonorable dealer of meteorites who lives in
> Morocco by the name of Lahcen Ait Ha. Lahcen offered a 748g lot of NWA 859 Taza
> iron meteorites by showing me pictures of them by email. I purchased the lot,
> but when I received his package, I realized that the material he sent me was not
> the same as the ones in the pictures. Not only that, but I have doubts whether
> the material is meteoritic at all. Needless to say, I returned the material
> immediately and contacted Lahcen to get a refund. He has stalled and to this
> point has refused to return my money. Several honorable Moroccan meteorite
> dealers have contacted Lahcen to talk sense into him to return my money, but
> these efforts have been fruitless. I have now waited over two months for
> resolution and yet there is no solution in sight, despite my efforts and those
> of my friends in Morocco.
> http://bigkahuna-meteorites.com/_BogusTaza.jpg
> I must say that the vast majority of meteorite dealers in Morocco are of
> unquestionable integrity and good character. It is a pity that such a person is
> able to continue to perpetrate his fraudulent actions there.
> I implore all to NEVER DEAL WITH Lahcen Ait Ha.
> I never make posts like this because I have never had a need to do so. But
> extenuating circumstances have forced me to make this public immediately to
> protect others from being victimized by this person. Thank you for your
> understanding and caveat emptor.
> Gary Fujihara
> Big Kahuna Meteorites (IMCA#1693)
> 105 Puhili Place, Hilo, Hawai'i 96720
> http://bigkahuna-meteorites.com/
> http://shop.ebay.com/fujmon/m.html
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