[meteorite-list] 80th Anniversary of the arrival of a Green Alien from Space!

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Date: Sun, 26 Jun 2011 12:19:34 -0400
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Norm you tektite trailblazer! Glad Africa hasn't swallowed you up!
Thanks for the comments referring to me -- You made my day with that
uplifting surprise - if you only knew what was on our plate you'd
appreciate how perfect a gesture it was. Now, I wonder if you wanted a
three-stone green piece of jewelry made for a special occasion.
Obviously the finest emeralds would go around the border as filler
support to frame the pi?ce de r?sistance, but, would a moldavite
(exquisitely sculpted) or a diogenite (a finely impact-pressed
Tatahouine of course) be the centerpiece bolstered by the others?

Interesting you posted the times for the romantics among us: Note to
those who want a meteorite which fell on a particular anniversary date
- but can't get one. A day earlier or later may actually be your
special date depending where in the world it fell!

Yes, we should celebrate all the June/July diogenite birthdays and
above all Tatahouine! Here's my contribution from the best time of my
life - carpe diem to all !!! If only that night could have lasted
forever ...


Diogenetically yours in stone

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Alien from Space!

Listoids,? Sorry if this is a double posting.? I didn't receive the
first try,
so this is attempt 2---

June 27, 1931, 0130 hours, Foum Tatahouine, Tunisia
June 26, 2030 hours, New York
June 26, 1830 hours, Denver
June 26, 1730 hours, Spokane

In just a few hours it will be 1:30 AM, June 27 in Tunisia (but I am
not going
to stay up for it as that will be 3:30AM at my present location in East
Africa).? It?s a clear starry night at a balmy 24C/75F in Tunisia, much
like the

night in 1931.

Eighty years ago today, after a very long voyage from a spaceport
believed to be

located in the south pole crater of asteroid 4 Vesta, a green alien
into tiny bits against the earth?s atmosphere.? The fragments rained
down about
2 ? miles NE of Foum Tatahouine, Tunisia.

On the same month and day, but differing numbers of years later, a
couple of
additional aliens survived re-entry and are quietly living amongst
earthlings to this day.? Happy birthday, my diogenite brother Doug Dawn
MexicoDoug)!? Happy earth-arrival anniversary Tatahouine!

A great place to catch up on the story of Tatahouine is Doug?s website:

My favourite factoid regarding the green meteorite is the common
presence of
tiny shatter-cone horsetails decorating the coarse pyroxene crystals.?
question for those more knowledgeable than I on impact cratering: could
shattercones have formed during the event that ejected the material
from its
source crater or are they artifacts of earlier impacts in the same

Best regards,
Norm Lehrman
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